Paul van Dyk - Vonyc Sessions 2013

Written by Remco on 27 November 2013 in Releases
Paul van Dyk - Vonyc Sessions 2013

52 weeks, 52 radio shows, transmitted around the world on 60 + leading stations, in which Paul van Dyk brought over 600 tracks to the ears of VONYC Sessions ever-ready listenership in 2013. That though was the easy part!

The audio artisan’s end-of-year challenge is to refine those playlists down into the most requested best of the best. From twelve richly packed months of Radio tracklists, he’s landscaped those first-among-equal tunes into ‘the-year-that-was’ mix – PvD’s definitive 2013 encapsulation. 

That Jan-to-December sonic-ride naturally includes tracks from some of electronic music’s best-known practitioners. W&W, Ferry Corsten, Omnia, Cosmic Gate and many others are joined on its discs by newer-bloods, as ‘VONYC 2013’ delivers the latest/greatest studio-ware from the likes of Protoculture, Maarten de Jong, Estiva and Las Salinas. After another standout VANDIT year ‘VONYC Sessions 2013’ also kisses the speakers with a wealth of the label’s audio. Sporting 2013 floor-quakes from Judge Jules, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Giuseppe Ottaviani and Shato & Paul Rockseek, naturally there’s also much from the maestro himself. 

So sit back, hit up that Play button and enjoy the 2013 ride all over again!

The first mix heads straight into the thick of it, flashing back to summer highs with PvD & Arnej’s techno-rific ‘We Are One 2013’. From there van Dyk reaches multiple points on the stylistic compass, building sonic mood and range into the mix’s map. Las Salinas’ ‘Say Another What’ brings tech eclecticism, whilst the deep-dive of ‘Immersion’ from Omnia and Alexander Popov’s autumnal ‘Moscow Subway’ splice in deliciously moody prog-trance shades.

Sweeping up the midsection comes Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Jerome Isma Ae’s propellant ‘Bang’, hotly chased by his new VANDIT slam-dunk ‘Magnum’. Through the infectious, intense frequencies of W&W/Ummet Ozcan co-production ‘The Code’ and the vocal enigma of Nick The Kid & The Nameless Girl’s ‘Bright Light’, ‘VONYC Sessions’ revisits the spring. Delivering the mix its conclusion, Paul invokes the atmospheric aura of his own ‘Lost In Berlin’ and the self-propelled drum drama of Simon Patterson’s ‘The One’.   
“Compiling the annual VONYC Sessions album is one of the most demanding, yet fulfilling tasks I do in a year”says van Dyk. “Selecting the best of the best from your most requested tracks in any 12 month period - especially one as alive with good music as 2013, is always a challenge. The perspective it brings to the end of each year though is the reward.  With the release of this ‘VONYC Sessions’, collectively I feel we’ve brought a picture-perfect representation of the year. Hopefully its one you’ll return and listen to many times in the future and remember this great year that was!”

Disc 2 opens in inspired mash-up mode, fusing Ferry Corsten’s latest ‘Diss’ with the emotional sear of PvD & Plumb’s ‘I Don’t Deserve You’. ‘Open My Eyes’ makes it a van Dyk double and again opens the mix’s themes up wide. In quick succession the wistful trance of Protoculture’s ‘Talisman’, Heatbeat & Chris Schweizer’s tech–elec threat ‘Nasty’ and Estiva’s rapacious ‘Dino Drums’ all take their turn to hold sway.

‘VONYC’s mercury continues to rise with the introduction of some pure form trance courtesy of Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Earthbeat’ and Matt Davey’s much-spun spin on the classic ‘Greece ‘2000’. The Christian Burns/PvD team-up ‘We Are Tonight’ and the big-room bombast of ‘Super Dad’ (the latest from Richard Durand) keep both tempo & tone spiked. Its final minutes bring the climactic audio combustion of Shato & Paul Rockseek’s early summer club-crusher ‘Deer Friends’, Maarten De Jong’s fierce ‘Face The World’ and Cosmic Gate crowd-rousing/rocking ‘So Get Up’. You can get a hold of Paul van Dyk’s audio annum from December the 13th! 

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Disc 1
1 Paul van Dyk & Arnej - We Are One 2013 (Intro Mix)
2 Genix & Las Salinas - Say Another What
3 Omnia - Immersion
4 Alexander Popov - Moscow Subway
5 Mark Sixma - Requiem
6 W&W & Ummet Ozcan - The Code
7 Max Graham - The Evil ID
8 Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Jerome Isma-Ae - Bang!
9 Judge Jules feat. Christina Novelli - Collide Turn It On (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)
10 Las Salinas & Elad Efrati - Nothing Lasts
11 Las Salinas - Chipsy Kings
12 Nick The Kid feat. The Nameless Girl - Bright Light (Digital Self & Tek-tonic Mix)
13 Judge Jules - Fiber
14 Corti Organ - Magnum
15 Nu State - Vertigo
16 Judge Jules - Phenomenology
17 SHato & Paul Rockseek - The Hunt
18 Paul van Dyk feat. Michelle Leonard - Lost In Berlin (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
19 Ben Nicky & James Dymond - Refresh
20 Simon Patterson feat. Lucy Pullin - The One
Disc 2
1 Ferry Corsten - Diss!
2 Paul van Dyk feat. Plumb - I Don't Deserve You (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)
3 Paul van Dyk feat. Kyau & Albert - Open My Eyes (Kyau & Albert Remix)
4 Protoculture - Talisman
5 Andrew Bayer - England
6 Heatbeat & Chris Schweizer - Nasty
7 Maarten de Jong - Waveglider
8 Estiva - Dinodrums
9 DNS Project - Confront
10 Three Drives On A Vinyl - Greece 2000 (Matt Davey Remix)
11 Giuseppe Ottaviani - Earthbeat
12 Las Salinas - Bada Bing (Daniel Garrick Remix)
13 Christian Burns & Paul van Dyk - We Are Tonight (Las Salinas Remix)
14 Paul van Dyk feat. Sue McLaren & Arty - Sun After Heartbreak (Woody van Eyden Remix)
15 Woody van Eyden & Maarten de Jong - It’s A Shark
16 Richard Durand - Super Dad
17 Maarten de Jong - Face The World
18 SHato & Paul Rockseek - Deer Friends
19 Rick Mitchells - Rockin Steady
20 Cosmic Gate - So Get Up (Extended Mix)

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