Rodg explores the boundaries of his sound with 2nd artist album: 'Fate'

Written by Remco on 27 April 2019 in Releases
Rodg explores the boundaries of his sound with 2nd artist album: 'Fate'
Coming off of a phenomenal year both as a producer and on the live front, Rodg is known worldwide for making every minute count for himself and for his fans.

As one who’s always looking to explore the farthest reaches of his own sound and the Progressive scene, he never fails to magnify the magic, ensuring that everyone gets to be high on life if only for a fleeting moment. Now, all of that comes together in his second artist album with an experimental touch: ‘Fate’.

Covering a wide range of captivating music that runs from deep Progressive to Trance to the wonderfully experimental stuff in between, ‘Fate’ is the culmination of every adventure Rodg committed himself to, every decision he’s made and every turn he’s taken throughout his increasingly impressive sonic journey. Featuring no less than eighteen mesmeric records that build toward the inevitable, yet undetermined ending we call ‘Fate’, the album juggles straightforward impressions and idyllic depictions with quirky hooks that unite people in their own way.

Rodg: “I always thought of ‘Fate’ as something that life leads you to, no matter what you do or happens to you, whether good or bad, wonderful or stupid. So, in a way, life led me to writing this album. Though it’s different from what I’ve done in the past, I think it ties in even better with the music I play in my DJ sets. It’s more experimental than any album I’ve done before, and I hope that will lead to some more amazing memories and experiences in return.

1 Rodg - Fate
2 Rodg - Over Town
3 Rodg - Inupiaq
4 Rodg - Elevator
5 Rodg - In-Flight Entertainment
6 Rodg & Dom Fricot - Cinnamon
7 Rodg - Only A Flight Away
8 Rodg - 9th Ave
9 Rodg - Sudden
10 Rodg - The Coaster
11 Rodg & Dom Fricot - Our Generation
12 Rodg & Matt Fax - Eukarya
13 Rodg - A Reason
14 Rodg & Sarah de Warren - Fading
15 Rodg - Beam
16 Rodg - Signs
17 Rodg - Wanna Go
18 Rodg - Fractal


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