Sam Jones interview

Written by Remco on 22 January 2016 in Interviews
Sam Jones interview
In December, Jordan Suckley released his 2nd Damaged Records mix compilation called 'Red Alert: Back 2 Back Edition'. The title says it all and one of the artists he's doing a b2b with is Sam Jones. And so Tim Stark from Stark Profiles PR sat down with Sam for an exclusive interview for TrancePodium.

What was the first trancer to cast its spell on you, Sam?

Probably Scot Project - L (Want Your Love). Still to this day my favourite ever

Do you remember the first trance event you went to and which track – if there was
one in particular that night that – stuck a chord with you?

Think it was either Escape Into The Park In Swansea or The Escape club in
Swansea. But the track was Kay D Smith & Marc Tall - Hoipolloi.

How long have you been professionally producing?

I have been professionally producing for the past 3 - 4 years.

Did you teach yourself to DJ or did someone help out?

Yes I taught myself how to DJ and picked things up off other friends and DJ’s also.

Where was your first paid gig?

My first paid gig was for Inside Out @ The Arches in Glasgow in 2009 about 5/6
years ago.

When did you first hook up with Jordan Suckley’s Damaged Records?

I first met Jordan when I was about 17 I think at a gig we were both playing at in
Wales so as you can imagine it’s been a few years now, and then we built up a
strong relationship since he got me to play out in Argentina with him in 2014. I
hooked up with Damaged after Fire Drill and when I did the remix of
Contaminated for Jordan.

Tell us about your releases on Damaged to date?

My first release on Damaged was ‘Fire Drill’ that I made with Will Rees. It was
released in May 2014 I believe. Then second was my remix of Jordan’s track
‘Contaminated’, then my single ‘No Angel’, Then ‘Charlie Charlie’ and last but not
least my collaboration with Jordan ‘Hijacker’.

Which release do you think has had the greatest impact so far?

Probably Charlie Charlie I would say.

It’s fairly unusual to mix a commercially released music comp so early in your
career. What was it like to get that call?

Yeh it was unreal. Always been a dream of mine so as you can imagine I bit their
hand off at the request ha.

Damaged Records Red Alert’ has quite a cool concept behind it. Tell us about it?

Yeh we all discussed what to do with it and Jordan came up with the idea of
doing a B2B concept. I thought it was different instantly as I have never heard of
many compilations that have done it, so I thought we should go for it as well. So
we did it and were all very happy with the outcome.

How did you go about picking the tracks you wanted to include?

Both myself and Jordan just searched Beatport for hours and got some exclusives
sent to us also, picked through which ones we thought fitted the best before we
started to mix it together.

How did you find the experience overall?

Yeh it went well for sure. We had a lot of fun putting it together. :)

Anything else you’d like to say to TrancePodium readers?

Thank you Trancepodium and big thanks to everyone for taking the time to read
this interview and I hope 2016 is treating you all well so far!



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