Sied van Riel & Estigma make their joint VANDIT debut with 'Bow'

Written by Remco on 9 November 2016 in Releases
Sied van Riel & Estigma make their joint VANDIT debut with 'Bow'
Great studio minds meet over the Atlantic, as Holland’s Sied van Riel and Argentina’s Roberto Raul Reynoso team up for the first time. The release also marks the VANDIT Records debut for both producers, as ‘BOW’ sees them through the door of Paul van Dyk’s legendary imprint.

Count on any/all autumn blues to be blown to the four corners, as the pair drop a pulse-quickening, then rafter-blasting trance elevation that’s set to put club-floors on lock right through to the holidays.

‘Bow’ starts as it means to go on, with a purposeful tempo, tight percussion loops and foundation-shaking bass. Adding to the ether, its sub-melodies work their way through the beats and b-lines, bringing no small edge of atmosphere to its equation. 

Come the drop, the pads course and the chords wheal, while the orchestrally-leaning strings do their thing. Tying its bow (or taking a finale bow, depending!), the track’s frisson synths swell up from the depths of the breakdown. Rife with auditory power and uplifting reach, they propel ‘Bow’ to the high heavens.

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Check 'Bow' out through VANDIT’s SoundCloud page here.


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