The story behind 'Fisherman & Hawkins - Apache' with Fisherman

Written by Remco on 7 May 2021 in Interviews
The story behind 'Fisherman & Hawkins - Apache' with Fisherman
Fisherman is an alias of Dutch DJ and producer Isaac Vissers. Together with Rob Koopmans a.k.a. Hawkins, he was responsible for the duo Fisherman & Hawkins. They were mostly known for their classic 'Apache', which came out in January 2013 via Coldharbour Recordings.

Since 2018 Isaac is working as a solo artist and he’s releasing music under his Fisherman alias. You might know him from tracks such as 'The Mission', 'The Jaguar', 'X', 'Predator vs. Prey' and 'Man vs. Machine' for example. Twan from Muzikxpress recently sat down with Isaac a.k.a. Fisherman, to ask him about the story behind 'Apache', the release of 'Apache 2.0', his future plans and more.

Watch the interview here:

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