'The Track That...' with Christina Novelli

Written by Remco on 8 January 2020 in Interviews
'The Track That...' with Christina Novelli
Christina Novelli is out with her astonishing ‘Through My Eyes’ album this month. Entirely acoustic throughout, aside from being just a beautiful start-through-finish listen, it also presents trance lovers with another unique opportunity.

Namely getting distraction-free closer to the essence of – arguably – the most prevalent and eminent vocalist to arrive on the scene over the last decade. 

To get even more background on where her inspirations (in particular) might originate from, we asked Christina to do Trance Podium’s December The Track That… feature. Here’s what she came up with…

The track that I wish I’d written is... Above & Beyond feat. Richard Bedford - Sun & Moon

The track that could make a grown woman cry is... Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel [Acoustic]
“I can say this because when writing it, it made me cry!”

The track that never fails to put a smile on my face is... Robert Miles - Children
I love playing this song in my sets because it literally makes the crowd roar!”

The track that puts a big a lump in my throat is... Gareth Emery & STANDERWICK feat. HALIENE - Saving Light. The story behind this song and the message it relays is nothing but perfection.

The track that I’m playing/singing every gig at the moment is... Richard Durand & Christina Novelli - The Air I Breath. It was one of my favourite songs of 2019 to write. Most definitely one of my favourites to sing.

The track that isn’t electronic dance music, but rocks just the same is... Christina Novelli - It'll End In Tears

The track that should’ve been in a movie is... Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - We're All We Need  
It’s an underrated tune!

The track that made someone a hero to me was... Avicii – Wake Me Up
Gone far too soon! He was an inspiration to many.

The track that makes me think of winter is... Orjan Nilsen - The Late Anthem
I have always managed to play this in my sets over the years! However playing this at Alpha Future festival in the rain wearing wellies covered in mud is a night to remember! The weather didn’t stop the crowd.  

The track that surprised me the most when I finally heard it was... Mark Sherry & Christina Novelli - Lighting Fires. When I sent this to Mark Sherry I had no idea what to expect I knew the production was going to be amazing but had no idea just how incredible he was until working with him.

The track that got me into trance was... Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel
The track that started it all!

The tracks that I’ve just put out there... Beautiful LifeIt'll End Tears and Save You
These are new singles of mine that have come out recently! Go give them a listen :)

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