'The Track That...' with Ferry Tayle

Written by Remco on 24 June 2014 in Interviews
'The Track That...' with Ferry Tayle

On the 7th of July, Ferry Tayle will release his 2nd artist album called 'The Wizard'. Reason for Tim Stark to do his 4th episode of 'The Track That...' with Ferry, exclusively for TrancePodium.

The track that I wish I’d produced is Rank 1 - Airwave (Dutchforce Remix). It's the track that introduced me into trance & gave me the motivation to produce this genre. Beside this, it's probably one of the only tracks that makes me emotional on every listen.

The track that could make a grown man cry is Airwave - When Things Go Wrong (Unplugged Mix). I know the story behing the Original, and why it was written, which makes every note so much more meaningful. It’s such a personal track to Airwave and beautifully produced, when you hear his 'unplugged mix', i think it’s hard for anyone not to get emotional when hearing it.

The track that never fails to put a smile on my face is Dart Rayne & Yura Moonlight and Sarah lynn - Silhouette (Allen & Envy Remix). This track is very euphoric, driving and banging. I play this track a lot in my live sets, and it was one of my favourite tunes of last year . You MUST smile with a track like this!!

The track that I’m playing every gig at the moment is Ferry Tayle feat. Poppy - The Way Back Home (Club Mix). It's my latest single from my album and i'm a huge fan of Poppy! She has such a voice and i’m incredibly pleased with how the track finished up. It has had staggering support so far and reach the top ten in Trance on Beatport. I can't wait to show you the next Poppy track i did for the album too, and i will definitely work more with her again in the near future. I'm playing it everywhere…

The track that isn’t EDM, but rocks just the same is Blur - Song 2. I actually like a wide range of other music, not just Trance would you believe it. When i hear this track, i want to get crazy ! Such a powerful track, and one of my all time favourites. 

The track that should have been in a movie is Ferry Tayle - The Wizard (Album Mix). I was inspired by Hans Zimmer on this track. One of my close friends once told me, you should put this track on the Man Of Steel Trailer. When i finished it, ti was really happy with the result and it added a real purpose to my artist album.  I also used the track as the official anthem for the European Fencing Championship, which was a great honour.

The track that is so perfect in its Original form it should never be touched by man nor remixer is Airwave - People Just Don't Care. This track is everything. It really gets you in the depth of your soul! You know when you come across an incredible track, when it triggers feeling and emotions. You can say a lot when writing music without speaking a word - this is one of those tracks. 

The track that changed my life was Capetown - Cinema. I was a big fan of Capetown before joining the project (now my former Alias) but it's this track that gave me the opportunity to join it and it was the turn of my career. Working with the legendary Airwave will stay the highlight of my career.

The track that I’ve just put out there Nervo & Nicky Romero - Like Home. I have followed Nervo for while but this track really got my attention more than the others. The Nervo Sisters are very very talented ! I wish to work with them one day! It would be a very interesting collaboration don’t you think?


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