TrancePodium changed owner

Written by Remco on 21 September 2017 in Site News & Announcements
TrancePodium changed owner
As dedicated as he was, Marjan, the founder of a bit more than 11 years ago, stepped down as the owner.

On the 24th of July, he officially transferred all ownership of to Remco Schaefers. The change of owner probably wasn't noticable at all and not much will change in the near future either.

Remco became a member of TrancePodium about 6 months after its launch and in the few years after he climbed himself up to Moderator and soon after even became Administrator. For several years Marjan from Macedonia and Remco from The Netherlands ran the site together, each having their own ideas. but always in great harmony and friendship and most of all with dedication. Besides his work on the forum and news items, Marjan did a lot of hard work in the background, doing all the technical things, with the biggest eye-catcher of course the completely new looks of the website that was launched in 2011. Remco on the other hand was more in the front, trying to raise the popularity with taking over the organization of the annual anniversary celebrations on as well as the by now well respected Top 100 DJ poll and Awards.

For the past couple of years, Marjan had problems to combine running the website with his daytime job and study and little by little took more distance from the site handing over more and more responsibility to Remco, but still always there to help out with troubleshooting or other technical issues.

And that's how it's still going to be. From the outside nothing will change. Remco is now the official owner of, but was basically leading the website already and Marjan will remain standby for troubleshooting. But of course we will never ever forget who founded this amazing website. Who build the site from square 0. Without him TrancePodium would have never been where it is today. Thank you Marjan aka Hypnotic!


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