Venom One interview

Written by Remco on 8 April 2015 in Interviews
Venom One interview

April the 10th will see a new release of Venom One, a collab with Sarah Howells this time and for that matter TrancePodium sat down with Jorg and Neal for an interview about the 2 guys behind Venom One. 

What’s your background?

Jorg is from Stuttgart, Germany and Neal is from Liverpool, UK. We both have been producing, writing and remixing dance records for over a decade now and both started our careers in the UK dance scene. We always loved trance music so about 3 years ago we started Venom One together.

Originally, what was the one track that turned you on to dance music?

Jorg: I used to listen to all the Rave Base compilation CDs. There were quite a few artists that I loved like “Members Of Mayday”, “Quench”, “Mark Oh”, … I guess it was a combination of all of those.
Neal: For me it was Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Electrique Boutique Remix)

What DJs inspire you?

There are quite a few who inspire us and among them are Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz and Aly & Fila.

What made you become DJs /producers?

We have been making music all our lives and started playing instruments at a very early age so we basically grew up with it. I think we have just always had a passion for music and production. We also worked as producers for labels like Universal and Ministry Of Sound for many years but trance has always been our true passion.

How did the collaborations with Markus Schulz and Tomas Heredia happen?

Originally we wrote Revolution as a Venom One single. We got Chris Madinto vocal the track and showed it to Markus. He instantly loved the record and proposed the collaboration. We then send him all the parts and Markus added his touch and sound to it. Tomas Heredia always had a sound that we really liked. After he remixed our single Earthquake we decided to approach him about collaborating with us. Things went so well and ideas started flowing that we actually ended up doing 2 records together. The first to be released is “Moments” which is also on Armin van Buuren's new “A State Of Trance 2015” compilation.

What's your process in the studio?

It’s kind of different every time. We often just play around with ideas and out of about 10 ideas only one gets developed. Then we just keep working on sounds and melodies until we hit that “YES, THAT’S IT!!” moment. The key for us is never to give up until you get to that moment. On the technical side, we mainly use Cubase and kind of mix and produce at the same time. Because being mobile is really important to us we don’t use any hardware synths anymore but with the quality of the VST’s these days that’s not a problem at all.

Tell us about your upcoming singles on Armada.

The first single release will be “Rush” featuring Sarah Howells which is out on the 10th of April on FSOE / Excelsior and it also includes an amazing remix by Dan Thompson. "Venom One & Tomas Heredia - Moments" will be released on “A State Of Trance” on the 27th of April. “Caliga”, which will show the harder and clubbier side of Venom One will be released on Ben Gold’s “Gold Rush” on the 10th of May.

What does the future hold for Venom One?

We are really just focusing on new music and developing our sound further. We are spending a lot of time in the studio and collaborate with some amazing producers, writers and singers. We also have a few amazing gigs coming up this year which will take us to a few places in the world we haven’t been to yet. All in all we are really happy how things are developing and we will continue to work hard.


Venom One feat. Sarah Howells - Rush:


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