Win: Solarstone - Electronic Architecture³

Written by Remco on 25 July 2014 in Competitions
Win: Solarstone - Electronic Architecture³

3 years is a long time in dance music… Time & space can appear to move that much faster still if you’ve spent it crusading the cause of Pure Trance, reclaiming your place as one of the world’s hottest 100 DJs in the process. 


It’s exactly that interval since Electronic Architecture - Solarstone’s much praised, IDMA-nominated, boundary breaking music-vs-art project - series received its second (or ²Squared) edition.

And we are giving away 1 copy of this album! 


The winner will win a copy of Solarstone - Electronic Architecture³.

How to enter? 

All you need to do in order to enter the contest is to be a registered member of our site and read the rules below.


  • You have to be a registered TrancePodium member. If you are not yet a member, you can register for free.
  • You need to completely fill out the submission form bellow, copy it with the correct information and send it in an email to with subject: "EA3 Competition"
  • Deadline for submissions is  8 August 2014.

Submission Form

Full Name:
TrancePodium username:
Full address:

Note: include your country of residence in the address as well. 

Good luck!

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