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A State Of Trance 650 Yekaterinburg

Date: 1 February 2014, at 21:00
Venue: Yekaterinburg Exhibition Center
Event Description
At the centre of Eurasia, between the valleys and heights of the Ural Mountains, a signal sent by the Cadets, will touch down. On the 1st of February 2014, Yekaterinburg will be the centre of A State Of Trance 650! It will be the first time for A State Of Trance to celebrate there, as the Cadets broaden their horizon. The Cadets will bring everything they’ve got to also expand your horizon. Together with the massive, yet to be announced line-up, Yekaterinburg better be ready to expand its world!

Those who don’t dare to travel the deep valleys or high mountains, or are simply not able to travel to Yekaterinburg won’t have to miss a single beat, as the show will be broadcast live to your own place. Check out live.astateoftrance.com.