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A tribute to Armin van Buuren

Date: 23 February 2012, at 22:00
Venue: De Oosterpoort
Event Description
In 2010, the Oosterport venue in Groningen was shaking at its foundations. The Noord Nederlands Orchestra played a special concert, dedicated to no one less than Armin van Buuren.

They made special classical arrangements of Armin’s biggest hits and it was one of the few times that the visitors got our of their chairs and started dancing. More than 100.000 people tuned into the the live-stream of the night. And guess what? The Orchestra is going to do it all over again!

Due to the tremendous success, NNO decided to take the tribute in reprise and present another night. Esspecially for this concert, they made two new arrangements, of Armin’s ‘This Light Between Us’ and ‘Not Giving Up On Love’. On February 23rd, ‘A Tribute To Armin van Buuren’ strikes down in the Oosterport venue in Groningen once again. All chairs will be removed, and supported by a spectacular laser and sound program, the classical concert will turn into a real dance event.

For those longing for more, there’s also an official after-party, with Dutch duo 16 Bit Lolitas playing!
Don’t miss out on this special happening! Get your tickets at http://www.nno.nu/concerten/tribute-to-armin-van-buuren

Armin van Buuren Hymne
Armin van Buuren In And Out Of Love
Armin van Buuren Zocalo
Armin van Buuren Touch Me
Armin van Buuren The Sound Of Goodbye
Armin van Buuren Wall Of Sound
Armin van Buuren Serenity
Armin van Buuren Blue Fear
Armin van Buuren Exhale
Armin van Buuren Shivers
Armin van Buuren Communication
Armin van Buuren This Light Between Us
Armin van Buuren Not Giving Up On Love