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Grotesque Back2Back Reunion Party

Date: 30 September 2017, at 00:00
Venue: Factory010
Event Description
It's over again, that beautiful Summer! That Summer that started somewhere... nobody really knows and a real beautiful summer in Holland is last seen in 1995 or so... Since then, never heard of it again… Way back in the days the sparrows dropped dead from the roof in our summer.. But now there are almost no sparrows left in Holland.. Even the hottest Summer’17 fashion didn’t get the chance to see the daylight.. Poncho’s and rain boots where dominating the festival grounds.. Anyway, Summer has come to an end now, and the Grotesque team gives the advice: TIME TO GO INSIDE!!

Grotesque presents the Back2Back Reunion Party in Factory010

Saturday September 30th, the Grotesque Back2Back Reunion Party in Factory010. Nice to go indoor again… Time to show yourself in your most beautiful outfit without wondering if it will get wet or muddy.. Grotesque presents a special reunion party with a Back2Back edition include massive acts.. 2 for the price of 1 we would say, although you have to fantasize a b2b partner for Robert Nickson yourself, he will open the night all by himself, alongside we can present you a master set of resident RAM b2b with Sied van Riel, In Trance We Trust legend Menno de Jong b2b with Adam Ellis and closing down the night will be done by still a very exclusive b2b project R-Volution presented by Signum and Ruben Verhagen.. All unique and impressive sets as we thought..

And what to say about the venue ?

Factory010, still the crème de la crème of clubs in Rotterdam. On the 10th floor of the Maassilo with an incredible view over the skyline of Rotterdam. An illustrious club with industrial character and yet a classy look. Clean sanitary facilities (also nice after those smelly dixies) and friendly, easy going and caring bar staff. In short, all you need for a good party! With your presence, it will be as before again. Do you know that the Grotesque adventure started in Factory010, October 2nd 2009? We therefore create some kind of reunion and all visitors of then and those who later became infected with the Grotesque virus will come together.

Bring back those memories: Aftermovie Grotesque Jubilee Party Factory010

Social Media Win Competition – Power Price Pack

To embrace and celebrate the start of the indoor season we created a strong price pack for you to win, by helping and supporting our marketing on the social media Facebook.. Many of you Facebookers have already saw this competition coming by at your timeline. Here down below you see the details of the competition, how to participate and what you can win…

What can I win?

*2 Backstage Guest Tickets
*1 Bottle of liquor of your choose - driver at special request ;)
*Hotel Room for 2 near Factory010
*Breakfast (in case you are hungry & in time)
*2 Tickets for Grotesque Indoor Festival #300 – December 9th-Maassilo Rotterdam

How do I win this?

Tell through the Facebook Eventpage why you like attending the Grotesque Events so much and why you are attending the events, tag at least 5 friends (more is appreciated) and don’t forget to tag us ‘@Grotesque’ as we need to select a winner after the weekend..

Timetable & Tickets

For the lovers, we will share the time table in advance so that we can discuss it later;)

21.00-23.00 Robert Nickson
23.00-01.00 Menno de Jong b2b Adam Ellis
01.00-03.00 RAM b2b Sied van Riel
03.00-05.00 Signum b2b Ruben Verhagen present R-Volution


No tickets yet? No problem, with the button on the right you can purchase your tickets within five minutes. Regular price is €29.50. At the door the tickets will be more expensive. Parking is available, when you are on time. The later you come, the further away you will park. 😊

Nothing new, nothing weird! #WeAreGrotesque!