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Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021 - Wild Wild West

Date: 11 December 2021, at 14:00
Venue: Maassilo
Event Description
Finally some positive news about the Grotesque Indoor Festival, who would have thought that we would end up in this situation for such a long time. Everything seems to come to an end and we assume that this end is now in sight.

Here you finally have the long-awaited message about the Grotesque Indoor Festival 2021. Since it is not yet 100% sure whether all measures have been withdrawn on December 11th, Grotesque are forced to do the ticket sale in 3 phases. From today first 1/3rd part. When there is more clarity in September, the 2nd part will be sold. Hopefully it will go so well that it will be possible to sell the third part around November.

However, all this affects the pricing of the festival, unfortunately Grotesque can't make it any other way. Only when full occupancy will the price move towards the 'new normal.'

Tickets and promises
Let's start with the financial aspect first… A refund guarantee of at least 80% will be issued for all tickets purchased from now on, if the event as a whole cannot take place. The remaining 20% ​​depends on a number of things, but this will at least be converted into a reduction voucher for an event in 2022. The pricing below may feel like a reverse early bird promotion, but there's no other way. Capacity is unfortunately still a thing.

Phase 1 - € 70 excl. fee > 600 tickets still available
Phase 2 - € 61 excl. fee
Phase 3 - € 49 excl. fee

*If the event is canceled anyway, the 'refunds' will be paid between 1 and 31 December 2021.

Already purchased Earlybirds
If you already have a ticket for 2020, you need an extra ticket (add-on) to complete your entrance ticket. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible for the same price, because else it's simply not possible for Grotesque to survive. The Grotesque team thought about this for a long time, but this seems to be the most pure solution. An add-on costs € 21,= excluding fee, which means that you are still a lot cheaper than those who now have to buy their ticket in the first phase.

Don't you want this? Equally good friends! Send an email to patrick@pevents.nl with name, order number and ticket numbers and you will receive the purchase amount back between 1 and 31 December 2021.

Please note: when Phase 2 tickets goes on sale, all people who have purchased Phase 1 tickets will receive a token or reduction voucher worth €9. The same applies to when Phase 3 is released, all ticket buyers of Phase 1 will receive a voucher of € 21 and Phase 2 a voucher of € 12, so that everyone ultimately pays the same price, the early bird buyers are of course also compensated in the same way.