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Posting Guidelines! -
14 September 2006, at 19:13
Welcome to the forums!

To ensure that this community is a happy and constructive place, please follow this advice when making a post:
  • Think about whether what you write might offend someone with different beliefs. Try to give thought to how someone from a different culture, gender, or age group might react to what you say. You might think something is funny, but it may be offensive to others.
  • Please do not post links to free music downloads unless you own the copyrights or you have the author's agreement for it. Remember, the music we love is created by the artists who have put much time and effort into this. The least we can do is show some respect and reward them for what they do. So buy their releases, don't download them for free.
  • Try to type properly and grammatically correct. Please do not use jargon, abbreviations or "1337 English" too much, as it is very difficult to understand for most of the users.

Prohibited Actions

The following will not be tolerated, and such posts will be deleted or locked:

  • Making threats or using abusive language.
  • Posting links to copyrighted material without permission by the copyright owner.
  • Posting in any other language than English.
  • Spamming the forums.

If you find a post that is violating our guidelines, please report it to a staff member.

Thank you, and happy posting!