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Andy Duguid - On The Edge

Release Date
19 x50 Magik Muzik 16 September 2013
With spinners bible DJ Mag last month dubbing him "the martinet of 'doin'-it-different", ‘On The Edge’ sees Andy passage house hinterlands, progressive atmospheres, harmonic trance highs and all points between. Featuring vocal turns from Julie Thompson, Jaren, Audrey Gallagher, Seri and other leading light EDM singer-songwriters, ‘On The Edge’ brings 12 new pieces of music and 12 new reasons to embrace the matchless sound of Duguid.

“Every one of ‘On The Edge’s tracks gleam with a lavished, intensive, almost OCD production attention. The vocals crush the wonk-wonk tropes of commercial trance soundly under-heel and unusual, attention-grab track trajectories appear when you least expect them. Some fresh air has been breathed here.” - MIXMAG October Album of the Month

‘On The Edge’s title track also takes the role of its lead-out – an overture exploration into super-string theory. Weaving unconventionally FX’d vocal harmonics into its lustre-filled strings; it’s backed by intricately programmed drum & percussion pulsation. Further in, ‘Paradise’ (aka ‘Richard’s Theme’) swirls the atmosphere, progresses the prog and side orders shots of electronica. Duguid houses up the drums on ‘Percussion Man’, hotwires the bass and employs deliriously kaleidoscopic FX. With its infectious once-heard/ never forgotten xylophonic riff, its reaches deep into the EDM wormhole.

“My thought process before heading to the studio on day one of makingthis album was simple. Don't rush it. Be inspired. And be me. I was coming off the back of my fair share of tragedy so it was certain emotion would play a major role in its making. Every track on this album has it's own backstory and I think every story deserves the perfect soundtrack.” - Andy Duguid

In and amongst ‘On The Edge’s embarrassment of riches, trance is as key a composite as ever to Andy’s “soundtrack”. ‘Tiago’ has Med-trance blood coursing through its veins - every hothouse minute taking it closer to its breakdown equator and side-chain-compressed combustion finale. Toughening the trance stance, ‘I Want To Believe’ lets the drums rain heavy and Shannon Hurley’s vocals burn down though the speaker cables. Setting loose its feverish whoops, it bridges its climactic moments with big room destructing sirens.
Andy’s musical mind continues to race, bringing sounds and ideas from the left field. Lizzie Curious (whose songs have previously graced the tracks of StoneBridge and Robbie Rivera) lends it further idiosyncrasy. Her voice backed by the avant-garde chiming melodies of ‘Music Box’ presage the hard-groove kicks of Duguid’s production and its club-busting tubular lead line.
‘On The Edge’ broadens its range further, interconnecting moodier tones with more poignant themes. Julie Thompson’s vocal cuts deep on ‘Skin & Bones’; Jaren’s cryptic lyrics & song form the woozy, dream-state bedrock of the enigmatic ‘7even’, while Seri bears heart & soul on ‘Hurt’. Current single ‘In This Moment’ puts the voice of Audrey ‘Big Skies’ Gallagher centrestage and, amplified by Andy feel-good house licks, brings outdoor festival style vibes to the album.
‘On The Edge’ is the consummate ‘Believe’ follow-up from a producer that MIXMAG says is “ever ready to take a risk or three”. It’s out through Magik Muzik on September 16th 2013.