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Andy Moor - Resurrection (The Remixes Part 1)

Release Date
12 x50 AVA Recordings 18 January 2016
An Andy Moor single is rarely left without fantastic remixes and Part 1 brings Somna and Mike Saint-Jules along for the ride. Somna's remix imparts the unique qualities found within his productions, the electrified basslines and stabs dancing about with carefully edited snips of the original before building into a new lead melody for a big club feel. Energy levels at 10, Somna's remix is the perfect club destroyer. On the flipside, the ever talented Mike Saint-Jules brings his much sought after Interstellar Mix flavor with a dreamy yet speaker blasting remix. Mike takes the melody and pushes and pulls with chords to create a question and answer style remix. A different and welcoming remix that perfectly completes the Part 1 package!