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Christina Novelli - It'll End In Tears

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 10 April 2020
Last autumn Christina Novelli’s largely unplugged ‘Through My Eyes’ LP served as the platform for ‘It’ll End In Tears’. Unlocking her emotional gates, its soul-touching song acoustically resonated, moving the hardiest of hearts and even threatening a new best-known-for release for the singer.

Having unleashed such beautiful desolation on fans, Christina thought the track might just owe you a redemptive ‘Pt.II’. So she’s brought ‘It’ll End’ something of a ‘brighter days’-type, sun-after-the-heartbreak aftertouch. With its acoustic version having already conquered the daytime airwaves, this April, its new Extended version is set to do the same for the night.

Emotional beats and sonic kicks are served XL-sized from its get-go, conveyed through trench deep LFO, big bass drums and wickedly effective percussion. Its bristling early tech edge drops away, replaced by sub-melodies that atmospherically circle its production. Pad and chord pathos accompany the swan dive into Christina’s verses, before hovering piano notes & infinitely moving string melodies elevatingly steer the course of her chorus.

A tonal highwire act, ‘It’ll End’ transitions from the emotional storm of a breakup anthem to something altogether more optimistic.