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Cold Blue - Painting Skies (Original Mix + Sunny Lax Remix)

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 7 May 2021
This week Cold Blue expands on another story from last year’s ‘Summer Chills’ LP, singling out the ever-epic ‘Painting Skies’. Devolving it from the album version’s chillout origins, he’s brought in master-crafter Sunny Lax to deliver something wholly more foot-moving in nature.

Naturally, in all its affecting, night-time-beckoning majesty, the release includes Tobias’s original design for ‘Painting Skies’. Beat-free, with a rising & falling intensity, hinged around sometimes-sombre strings, elegantly nagging note arrangements and big chord sweeps, it provides the perfect spur for Sunny’s mix.

Along with the fundamental elements of its melodic structure, the Hungarian retains all the heart of the Original. From there though Levente Márton breaks north for the clubfloor, applying acidic squall, bass surf & aquatic FX, whilst up above rise towering harmonics & pristine chime - all driven by his killer key changes.