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Cosmic Gate & Orjan Nilsen - Fair Game

Release Date
5576 x50 Wake Your Mind Records 20 June 2014
As their forthcoming album lands a Beatport #1 straight out of the gate (with its first single release ‘Falling Back’ - “an anthem-in-a-can” said DJ Mag), ‘Start To Feel’ is busily lining up for its second TKO.

To describe ‘Fair Game’ as ‘talked-about’ would be like calling the World Cup ‘somewhat anticipated’! The track has been keeping the forum wires the whitest type of hot since it got its ID track debut during the ASOT650 event run. ‘Fair Game’ finds Nic & Bossi in a first time team-up with Ørjan Nilsen - one of the foremost authorities on the art of production smashing dance floors!

Looking for sweetly sung songs, soulful grooves and soothing tempos? Better look somewhere else entirely! After the uplifting vocal anthemia of the Eric Lumiere-vocalled ‘Falling Back’, Nic & Bossi switch frequencies to reap full & thunderous instrumental havoc through ‘Fair Game’s complexly programmed fire & brimstone synthesis.

From its stridently echoing, bleepy intro, the trio waste zero time in packing warping sweeps and cutting-edge tech FX around heavily set drums. Sonically punch packing, its dazzlingly filtered, phased whoops, shouts and razor-wire synths will be shredding dancefloors from here to Ibiza close.