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DJ Ranz - Notorious Arsenal Radioshow Best

Release Date
Unknown Notorious 7 June 2013
Unknown Ranzmedia 8 June 2013
DJ Ranz has come a long way in such a short time. It was only two years ago that the Virginia-born, South Florida-raised DJ/producer joined forces with UK-Based Notorious Online for the Notorious Arsenal Radio Show. Now, they are gearing up to celebrate not only the aforementioned two years but the fact that Ranz has now made as many episodes as the amount of coins needed for an extra life: 100!

Ranz wanted to celebrate this momentous accomplishment with the world, so he is releasing not one but TWO mixcompilations, one of which is Notorious Arsenal Radioshow Best!

Ranz has picked some of his favorite songs from the first 100 episodes and has mixed them into a 2-disc overall recap of some of the best moments in the radioshow series!

Available for free download now: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/mjhrs1nqd9t0y/NOTORIOUS_ARSENAL_RADIOSHOW_BEST