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Eco - Darkness In The Light

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 21 October 2016
With his debut album and accompanying book now on full release, today Eco follows up with the first single to be lifted from the tracklist of his extraordinary ‘Wolves’ undertaking.

In title and tone, ‘Darkness In The Light’ personifies the New Jersey-based producer’s more existential and artistically thoughtful approach to the genre.

The Extended Mix further develops the album version’s aquiline melodies, undulated bass and air-spun string traits. Over seven minutes of absolute trance captivation, Eco draws you in with thermal riffs, live guitar strum and coolly unfurling harmonies. In the break he affects a slow release of the filter, exposing a lead line, which will put some thump in your chest and your hands… well, you know where.

As is his customary way, ‘Darkness In The Light’s release is completed by a remix that could hardly be in sharper in contrast. Stripping away the drums and subduing the percussion, his ‘Lite Version’ is essentially ‘Darkness Unplugged’ - a rarefied, live instrument-centred variant, with all-day-play appeal.