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JES - Let Him Go (Gozzi Remix)

Release Date
8581 x50 InToneNation Records 26 July 2019
Hot on the heels of the original version's Sirius XM Chill success, the uber slick dance floor pleasing GOZZI remix of JES' uniquely re-imagined Passenger cover 'Let Him Go' will release worldwide on July 26th, through Intonenation Records.

Opening up with an insanely good feeling, 'Let Him Go' instantly sets itself apart from the other dance floor fillers by combining a depth of emotion, with a depth of groove which can only be measured in fathoms. Dropping quickly to a simple breakdown, JES' vocal cuts deep, instantly setting the tone for what must surely be an entirely new genre, good-time-goosebumps. GOZZI, the current king of the dance floor airwaves delivers his trademark groove and energy in droves. Surrounded by the perfect frame, JES' emotive vocal performance soars and swoops, heading towards an infectious drop that will have even the most tired feet working overtime. This is truly a track of no compromises, where every moment excites and excels more than the last.

'Let Him Go' looks set to be the feel-good emotional roller coaster of the summer season, bringing feeling and groove together in a way so rare that you might not have experienced it yet. If you're not one for compromise, then get down with JES & GOZZI and 'Let Him Go.'