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Max Graham - Cycles 3

Release Date
2 x50 Armada Music 25 November 2011
Max Graham further builds his ‘Cycles’ brand, with round 3 of the outstanding ‘Cycles’ compilation series. Balancing the peaks of this year’s music with the highlights of the future, the Canadian producer/DJ tells another story of energy and emotion with a seamlessly flowing mix. Get ready to be moved with a new round of quality tunes.

Lots has happened since Graham landed the first volume of the series in 2008. ‘Cycles 1’ unlocked the path to Graham’s first artist album, ‘Radio’, released in June 2010. The album included hits like ‘Sun In The Winter’, ‘DUSKY 2010’ and ‘Nothing Else Matters’, blazing a trail to the first episode of Max’ very own weekly radio show, ‘Cycles Radio ’. In 2011, Max’ very own Re*Brand label didn’t only release his successful singles ‘So Caught Up’ and ‘F.Y.C.’, but also offered a home label to upcoming talents like Protoculture, D-Mad and many other promising producers.

On ‘Cycles 3’ Max Graham shows EDM land why, 15 years after he first touched the decks, he still hasn’t lost the feel of dance music. With a sound that sways between trance and progressive, he introduces the listeners of ‘Cycles 3’ to the tracks of Heatbeat, Protoculture, Andrew Bayer, Ørjan Nilsen, Soundprank, D-Mad, DNS Project and more. More than just beats and sounds coming together, ‘Cycles 3’ tells you a story untold.