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Roddy Reynaert - Melancholy, Curieux Delice, Cheyene Mountain

Release Date
4879 x50 Intricate 26 November 2012
Anjunadeep, Enhanced Recordings, Fuzzy Recordings and, finally, Intricate Records: in November 2012, the French miracle man Roddy Reynaert will conquer the leading Russian progressive-label with his long-awaited EP, which will feature three original productions: «Melancholy», «Cheyenne Mountain» and «Curieux Delice».

Originally hailing from a small town of Ronk located in semi-rural suburbs of the northern France, Roddy is one of the most remarkable heroes of the French-Belgian dance music scene. Reynaert’s discography already amounts to over ten A-class releases already supported by the modern progressive magnificos Jaytech and James Grant. He is also producing mainstream pop records under the alter-ego Telemode, running another side-project «Ifonika» and planning to launch an own label of the same name. He is quite often (and not without a reason) called «French Eric Prydz» for his fascinating ability to easily levitate between house and progressive resulting in impressive productions combining catchy driving grooves and sunny melodies.

The 3-tracker by Roddy Reynaert, which will see the light of day very soon on Intricate Records, confirms all these picturesque epithets addressed to this Frenchman as a matter of actual practice. The listeners will discover quite close-to-Pryda sound in every production of this EP: massive striking to the deep bass lines, vintage synthesizers and ethereal melodies of exceptional beauty, dedicated to the secret lady-love of Roddy.

The 3-track EP by Roddy Reynaert including «Melancholy», «Cheyenne Mountain» and «Curieux Delice» will be released in November 2012 on Intricate Records. It will be available for public on Beatport.