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Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell - Airfoil

Release Date
6092 x50 Rebooted 15 September 2014
The curtains are drawn and the eagerly awaited second release on Scott Bond's prestigious label is unveiled. "Scott Bond & Marc Mitchell - Airfoil" is a collaboration between the REBOOTED head honcho and Sunday Club supremo, Marc Mitchell. This launch will set the stage for things to come and features a superb showcase of remixers - Standerwick, REBOOTED, Simon Templar, Stephane Badey and Splattered Implant feat. Crystal Blakk.

First up is UK, Bristol-based producer, Standerwick. A man who is in demand and constantly kept busy remixing the likes of Armin and Aly & Fila. His highly-skilled precision deploys the element of surprise and manoeuvres Airfoil in an atmospheric Trance direction. What awaits is unadulterated euphoria and a multitude of emotions from the pumping, aggressive beats to the more melancholic, sombre moments.

Next is the REBOOTED Remix. Scott Bond and his studio partner, Charlie Walker have skilfully engineered this uplifting Trance contribution, boasting a carefully refined piano melody, pumping bassline and an unforgettable electric guitar leader. The momentum is preserved throughout and has the crowd asking that well-deserved question, "what's this tune???".

Finland's Jussi Paasonen better known as "Simon Templar", takes this track on a progressive Trance route. The sophistication and beautifully crafted reverberations provide an ideal build-up which is rich in percussion and will comfortably ensure that listeners reach their chosen destination, courtesy of their music.

Stephane Badey, drills into the innermost depths of this release with his Tech Trance offering and brings a unique, "je ne sais quoi" experience. Expect to feel hi-octane intensity as the tumultuous pounding and phenomenal breakdown are released from the speakers.

Finally, Brett Wood brings his Psy-Trance abilities to the REBOOTED stables under the alias of "Splattered Implant feat. Crystal Blakk". This high-velocity, hypnotic interpretation oozes energy and mystery, guaranteed to make a captivating impact.

Overall, a wonderful package containing five brilliant remixes to cater for all the different tastes across the Trance spectrum. Turn the volume up and enjoy!