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Sied van Riel feat. Alicia Madison - Gravity

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 28 July 2014
On both the singles and mix-comp front, Sied van Riel’s juice to produce has shown no signs of abating over the last six months. With the momentum flowing, he’s gotten together with US singer-songwriter Alicia Madison for a thoroughbred release that’s going to give summer one almighty lift! Alongside the stellar Original Mix, ‘Gravity’s gravities are reinforced by a contingent of high-grade European remixes, with the likes of Sneijder, David Forbes and Bastian Salbart dropping trance-translations.

With a string of A-list attention-grabbing singles, the impact of Polish Bastian Salbart has been sizeable over the last six months. That fine work continues with a remix of ‘Gravity’ that’s tough when it needs to be, atmospheric & emotive when it wants to be, but works the floor like a mutha from first beat till last! You’ve seen the movie, now hear the Bastian Salbart's interpretation.