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Vocal Trance Anthems Vol. 10

Release Date
Unknown LW Recordings 11 June 2012
1 Peter Wibe feat. Hart Sawyer - Free Your Mind (Vocal Mix)
2 Deep Voices feat. Alexander K.G. Klaus - Because The Rain (Space RockerZ Remix)
3 Digital Mess feat. V.Ray - Feel The Sun Light (Progressiver Remix)
4 Javah feat. Mimi Boheme - Waiting (Original Anthem Edit)
5 Indecent Noise feat. Ridgewalkers - Full Moon Fever
6 Robien M feat. Diliya - It Seems Like
7 Reninte feat. Sevenever - Answer (T-Amo Remix)
8 Lele Troniq feat. Alex Class - Miles Away (Vocal Mix)
9 ADP DJ feat. Lu - My Dream Is To Fly (Radio Edit)
10 Phase One feat. Juha V - Words
11 Ruslan-set feat. V.Ray - The Voice Of A Star (Vocal Mix)
12 Alexander Xendzov feat. Claire Willis - Follow The Sun (Sergey Shabanov Remix)
13 Javy X feat. Thania - Soledad (Diego Morrill Remix)
14 DJ Feel feat. Loona - I'll Find Myself (DJ Feel Up Mix)
15 Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland feat. Stine Grove - Always With You (Lee Canning Remix)
16 N'Heaven feat. Becci Harvey - Hands Of Fate (DoubleV Dub Mix)
17 Victor Dinaire & Bissen feat. Stephen Pickup - Run And Hide (Ian Buff Radio Edit)
18 Santerna feat. Vadim Kapustin - I Believe In Life (Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Remix)
19 Cardinal feat. Arielle Maren - Sink Into Me
20 Garrido & Skehan feat. Erin - Waiting For You
21 Aaron Andrews feat. Lyn Crossley - Identity
22 Luca de Maas & Xam feat. Lin - Another Day (Xam Version)
23 Alpha Force feat. Claire Willis - Fade Away (Elitist Deep Mix)
24 Erven Miller feat. Ekatherina April - I Really Loved You (Original Vocal Mix)
25 Nino Kattan feat. Lynn - Guide Me (Frank Dueffel Remix)