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Adam Stark

Adam Stark's ability to unite trance enthusiasts has made an undeniable impact. If you've seen him perform then you know it's justified. He’s remarked that there’s no greater measure of success than how able one is to help others succeed, but his DJ skills give him all the credentials he needs. Often as direct support for major international headliners in his hometown of Denver Colorado. At present, that list of artists includes the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Dash Berlin, Paul Van Dyk, and many more, as well as reaching out around North America playing shows around the US and Canada. With his debut release on Roger Shah's Magic Island, and a flurry of upcoming releases, Adam Stark is primed to explode onto the international trance and progressive scene. Sending ripples through the wall-to-wall crowds at his performances no matter the event, he sees every single set as an opportunity to connect with his audience emotionally. Adam Stark plays music for the person in the crowd who absolutely needs it, because he knows firsthand how much of an impact that it can have. Every city’s trance scene ought to have an Adam Stark - and even as he becomes a bigger player on the global stage, his love for Colorado will remain. If your finger’s on the pulse, chances are you’ll see him perform in a city near you in the years to come.