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The story behind 'Shine' and The Space Brothers with Ricky Simmonds & Steve Jones

In 1997 Ricky Simmonds and Steve Jones formed the vocal trance act 'The Space Brothers'. The first release was the track 'Shine', which became a big success straight away. After that one, they released more singles, such as 'Legacy (Show Me Love)', 'Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)', 'Heaven Will Come', 'Everywhere I Go' and many others.
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Gareth Emery links up with NASH and Linney gripping vocal trance tune: 'Yesterday'

Gareth Emery has long been touted a grandmaster of Vocal Trance, and today’s release on his Garuda label sees him validate that status once more.
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Airwalk & Sander van Doorn present Purple Haze

The first Airwalk club show for 2020 is here…and it’s a biggie! A special edition with not 1, not 2, but 3 hours of Sander van Doorn presenting his legendary alias Purple Haze!
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Solarstone & Robert Nickson - Voyager II

Solarstone’s first for 2020 also served as the overture for ‘3’ – the Pure Trance sentinel’s most recent longplayer. Given a musical affinity manifest to most, this surprisingly is also the first time Solarstone and Robert Nickson have worked directly together.
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