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Amsterdam Dance Event 2014: trance events!

The Amsterdam Dance Event is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres. From 15-19 October, the night time music festival features 300 events and 2,000 DJ's over five days in 80 clubs and venues.

Calendar15 September 2014

Bastian Salbart - Kill Me For The Thrill

Polish future rockstar - Bastian Salbart shows us that he is capable of doing clever and creative things in his studio. How often do you happen to hear a male and female vocal in a progressive trance single? Exactly, not so often, so here's your chance to enjoy this rare occasion.

Calendar14 September 2014

Richard Durand & Fisher - In Your Hands

'In Search Of Sunrise: Dubai' - the latest celebrated chapter of his mix-comp got the season started right. Now, ready to give summer a muy caliente kiss-off, Richard Durand has joined production forces with US songstress Fisher for a floor-touch clubland won't quickly forget!

Calendar11 September 2014

Grotesque Indoor Festival 2014 - The 5th Anniversary in Winter Wonderland

Saturday November 8th is the night that PT Events will be hosting the third Grotesque Indoor Festival, during this landmark fifth year of the existence of their popular club concept. 

Calendar 5 September 2014