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Special Touch pres. A tribute to the best Trance classics ever

Old style tranceclassics sound fans, here’s some good news! Do you all remember the concerts in the HMH, Gelredome, the secret concert at Schiphol, Paradiso, at Inner City, the Asta in The Hague or the Matrix, etc. It was always magical.
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ReOrder delivers his debut album: 'IAMREADY'

Biding his time, ReOrder hasn’t been hurried into sending his first album out there. It’s been ten years since he began making impressions on the scene. It was time well stayed: a period in which he honed his craft, instinctively built out his musical range, found himself as an artist, and all the while sized up the album playing field.
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Armin drops new, nostalgic compilation album: 'A State Of Trance Classics 13'

It’s been a while since Trance music first emerged in the dance music realm, but the enchantment still hasn’t wore off. Standing out through its magical melodies and tidal wave of emotion, the early days of Trance music enveloped the minds and souls of millions of people from all over the world.
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Active Limbic System - P.T.S.D.

Active Limbic System join In Trance We Trust for their very first single-outing on the label. After already being featured on the In Trance We Trust CD 021 in 2016 it is about time ITWT invited these guys back on the imprint. Their new tune P.T.S.D. is a high energy, rich piece of trance music.
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