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Proyal - Epode (inc. Smith & Brown Remix) out now

Launching proceedings on Rielism Elements in 2018 is the fabulous 'Epode' brought to you by Proyal, which showcases the Tehran native's signature penchant for the melodic, euphoric and uplifting elements of trance, all fused into one astonishing recording.
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Beatport & Anjunabeats name the next 'Beats In School' winner

Beatport and Above & Beyond’s trailblazing label Anjunabeats have revealed the Phase Two winner in the 'Beats In School' producer contest series.
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Gareth Emery pres. Laserface: The Encore

In November, Nicelasers and Gareth Emery put on one of the most ambitious shows either of them have ever done. It was called #laserface.
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John 00 Fleming breaks 1st news of Editions V4 album

Master of the deeper/darker/cooler trance arts, John 00 Fleming began the New Year with news of his first early ‘18 operations. Top of the info-drop was confirmation of a fourth volume in his eminent ‘Editions’ compilation series.
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