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Anjunabeats Elevations, a new ski festival in France

Anjunabeats are celebrating 20 years with a new ski festival in France with 28 artists over five nights representing past, present and future to deliver an unmissable program of trance and progressive at the high-altitude resort of Avoriaz from March 28th till April 3rd.
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Live 3.0 begins: Giuseppe Ottaviani launches v3 of his live concept

Having changed the live performance game once, Giuseppe Ottaviani is primed to do it again. Using his Live 2.0’s portable studio, the last few years have seen the Italian create the music in-club, real time. Into the new decade, he’s upped Live’s tech game again, advancing it to give him near limitless control over each and every sound he delivers.
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Solarstone & Orkidea delivered an exceptional 5th entry to ‘Slowmotion’

Your next singles engagement with ‘3’ - Solarstone’s most recent longplayer – comes (title-wise at least) in an agreeably familiar form. Brothers-in-musical-arms Solarstone & Orkidea delivered an exceptional fifth entry to ‘Slowmotion’, their episodic co-production canon.
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Armin van Buuren guidese fans to ASOT 950 through official 'A State Of Trance 950' album

Scorching basslines, soaring melodies and an endless stream of emotion. Ever since the beginning, the pillars of Trance music have stood tall and proud.
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