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Markus Schulz feat. Ethan Thompson - Love Me Like You Never Did (The Remixes)

What does every irrepressibly infectious, summer-champing, night-defining release need? Why, an equally irrepressibly infectious, summer-champing, night-defining remix selection of course!
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd328 June 2016
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Somna & Jennifer Rene - Hands (A.R.D.I. Remix) out now!

As one of Somna & Jennifer Rene’s top collaborative releases of 2015 ‘Hands’, returns a year later with a remix by A.R.D.I., adding an electrifying and uplifting spin on the progressive single.
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Seven Ways - X-Life / Risk out now

Seven Ways has done it once again with Risk & X-Life, two powerful tracks that further define his unique brand of trance. A DJ, promoter and producer since 2001, Seven Ways knows how to drive a dancefloor and he puts that knowledge to perfect use on this release.
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Orkidea - Nana, the Extended and Gai Barone Remixes

What (you ask yourselves!) could possibly equal the just-released wattage of Jerome Isma-Ae’s remix of the summer-celebrating ‘Nana’!?
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