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BUDD feat. Melissa Hollick - Fade Away

After multiple succesful releases on mau5trap and Statement!, UK producer BUDD sees his Avanti return after last years label-debut “Wake Up”, this time in collaboration with singer Melissa Hollick.
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The story behind "Waterfall" by Atlantic Ocean

For this week's vlog Twan van Loon from Muzikxpress got to visit Lex van Coeverden and René van der Weijde; 2 Dutch producers who had a massive hit in 1993, exactly 25 years ago, with "Waterfall", which came out under the project name "Atlantic Ocean".
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Pavel Khvaleev & RINNGS - Videos

These days, ‘expect more’ is how Pavel Khvaleev believes audiences should approach electronic music. And he’s spent the last dozen years raising those expectations. Composer, filmmaker, producer and a polymath-like range of other skills have resulted in the uniting of some of electronic music’s most striking sounds & images.
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Quest4Trance ADE 2018

No matter where in the world you live, in that one special week in October, all dance music lovers are or want to be in Amsterdam. As thousands of them fly in for Amsterdam Dance Event, it’s safe to say that – as a brand - you can’t miss out on this special happening either.
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