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RAM - Forever Love

RAM: three always-capitalized letters that scene-wide, for the last five years, have become synonymous with emotive yet ballistic trance. A man who has Amsterdam all-but running through his veins, his home city has provided the base from which to triangulate his Grotesque record label, parties and weekly radio show.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd3 3 July 2015
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Frank Dueffel - Adiabatic: new from VANDIT Records

‘Adiabatic’ may be his debut signing to VANDIT, but unlikely this is the first time you’re hearing the name ‘Frank Dueffel’.

Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd315 June 2015
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Giuseppe Ottaviani - No One Like You

In the vocal stakes, 2015 has already seen Giuseppe Ottaviani ring that Beatport chart bell good ‘n’ loud with his thrilling Jennifer Rene-vocalled ‘Lean On Me’ release!

Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd310 June 2015
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Cosmic Gate - Start To Feel (Deluxe Edition)

With an outcome the scale of which few could predict, June 2014 saw Cosmic Gate land their sixth artist album. Not so much ahead of the curve, as straight-up setting it, it ushered in a new era for Nic & Bossi.

Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd3 8 June 2015
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