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The story behind 'Flaming June' with BT

Twan from Muzikxpress sat down with legendary Grammy Nominated composer / producer BT. He spoke to him about his track 'Flaming June', a beautiful production he did back in the year 1997, which is now considered as one of the most well known trance classics ever.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd3 5 December 2019
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Pulsar Recordings presents its 300th release by the label founder, Nicholas Antony

Back in 2011 we covered the news that DJ/Producer Nicholas Antony founded Pulsar Recordings. Now, eight years later, Pulsar reached the milestone of 300 releases!
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd3 3 December 2019
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Armin van Buuren drops anthem for A State Of Trance 950: 'Let The Music Guide You'

It has gotten fans buzzing with excitement ever since the initial announcement during Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, and it has finally arrived today: the official anthem for A State Of Trance 950, ‘Let The Music Guide You’.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd3 1 December 2019
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Euphonic Records celebrates 300 releases with 'Euphonic 300' mixed by Kyau & Albert

Euphonic's concept has always been geared towards quality over quantity. So it's taken almost 23 years to go from Euphonic catalogue number 1 to number 300! The Euphonic 300 album is compiled and mixed by label heads Kyau & Albert.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd329 November 2019