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Chris Bekker - Animatic

With ‘Invader’, ‘Telling Tales’ and most recently ‘Zoundz’, both in solo and collaboration modes, Chris Bekker delivered some of last year’s most exciting (not to mention stylistically elusive) electronic music cuts.

Calendar21 May 2015

Matt Cerf & Raneem feat. Fenja - Together Soon out now!

Monster Tunes warmly welcomes a fine vocal-led collaboration between three artists who need no introduction. "Together Soon" displays the creative bond between husband and wife Matt and Jaren Cerf, while delivering an extra dose of chemistry from fellow Canadian Raneem.

Calendar20 May 2015

Bryan Kearney presents 'This Is Kearnage Volume 001'

Graduating top of trance’s 2012 breakout class, one incredible DJ performance & studio production after another has, of late, seen Bryan Kearney’s career reach light speed.

Calendar18 May 2015

Presenting the new artist album from Moonbeam: Atom

Long regarded as Russia’s foremost electronic music duo, put simply Moonbeam create music unlike anyone else. After 'Around The World' (2009), 'The Secret' (2011) and 'The Random' (2013), Moonbeam’s 4th album ‘Atom’ follows in the Khvaleev brothers’ grand tradition of the untraditional.

Calendar12 May 2015