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The story behind 'Ocean Drive Boulevard' with Leon Bolier

Leon Bolier is a DJ and producer born and raised in Elspeet, The Netherlands. During the years he has produced trance tracks under lots of different project names, such as Precursor, Surpresa, Inner Stories, Subsphere, Solar Express and of course under his own name Leon Bolier.
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Allen Watts & Steve Dekay – The Phuture

‘The Phuture’ by Allen Watts and Steve Dekay is featured on the A State Of Trance 2020 album and we know why! The amazing track is definitely one for in your favorites playlist.
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Jessy & DJ Xquizit with OSITO - Reality

For those of us who were into dance music back in the mid-00s, there are several tracks that we remember being everywhere. We couldn’t go to the gym or shopping for clothes without hearing them. Every time we went to the Virgin Megastore when we went to the Dance section we would find compilation CDs and those songs were there too.
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Pure Progressive Vol. 1 mixed by Orkidea

It took a shade under 30 months for Pure Progressive to rock past its 100th release. That was time enough for the label to bring music from near enough every prog operator of note through its doors and onto floors. Barone, O’Glue, Saint-Jules, Schossow, Driftmoon, label honch Solarstone (naturally) - you name ‘em, they’ve all received their PP pin.
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