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Monumental ASOT1000 Festival will take place over a Celebration Weekend

The biggest trance festival in the world, A State of Trance (ASOT), has reached a monumental milestone and is celebrating reaching 1000 episodes of the worldwide hit radio show.
Calendar25 January 2021
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Armin van Buuren reaches over 50 million fans with historic 1000th episode of A State Of Trance radio show and countdown stream

Few artists get to truly make history, but Armin van Buuren has done just that with the broadcast of the 1000th episode of his ASOT radio show. During the historic, 5-hour-long episode, which reached over 50 million fans from 121 different countries together with the 7-day-long countdown stream, Armin launched the official anthem for ASOT 1000.
Calendar23 January 2021
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The story behind 'Cygnus X - The Orange Theme' with Matthias Hoffmann

Cygnus X was a project from German producer and composer Matthias Hoffmann. Cygnus X was mostly known for tracks such as 'Superstring', 'Positron', 'Turn Around', 'Kinderlied' and of course 'The Orange Theme'.
Calendar22 January 2021
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Ferry Corsten launches in-depth music production masterclass 'In The Studio'

With over 25 years of studio experience, a hit-studded discography and an undeniably impressive track record as a composer, it’s safe to say that electronic music icon Ferry Corsten knows a thing or two about music production.
Calendar19 January 2021