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Armin van Buuren drops first batch of 'Balance' remixes

It’s been almost three months since Armin van Buuren unleashed his seventh artist album, and ‘Balance’ is still lighting up the electronic dance music realm.
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The story behind 'Shine' and The Space Brothers with Ricky Simmonds & Steve Jones

In 1997 Ricky Simmonds and Steve Jones formed the vocal trance act 'The Space Brothers'. The first release was the track 'Shine', which became a big success straight away. After that one, they released more singles, such as 'Legacy (Show Me Love)', 'Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)', 'Heaven Will Come', 'Everywhere I Go' and many others.
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Gareth Emery links up with NASH and Linney gripping vocal trance tune: 'Yesterday'

Gareth Emery has long been touted a grandmaster of Vocal Trance, and today’s release on his Garuda label sees him validate that status once more.
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Airwalk & Sander van Doorn present Purple Haze

The first Airwalk club show for 2020 is here…and it’s a biggie! A special edition with not 1, not 2, but 3 hours of Sander van Doorn presenting his legendary alias Purple Haze!
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