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Dennis Sheperd x George Jema x Eric Lumiere - In Your Hands

Running up hot on the heels of his ‘I Can Feel’ Sunlounger collab, Dennis Sheperd gives summer the most righteous of send-offs with ‘In Your Hands’. Widening the lens on his third album, Dennis has also expanded its artistic deck, teaming up with George Jema & Eric Lumiere for the release.
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How to Set Up Your Violin Bow Properly

Properly setting up your violin bow plays a key part that will later on impact how your violin performs. So, it is essential to do this delicately. Here are some tips on how to set up your violin bow.
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Markus Schulz, London Thor & Valentino Alessandrini - Feel Alive

Markus Schulz’s single-introduction to his new album, ‘Escape’ comes by way of its out-today overture ‘Feel Alive’. The Miami native has added London Thor and Italy’s Valentino Alessandrini to the track’s cadre, creating in a heartbeat a single that transcends scene & season to deliver a promise-filled airwave engager.
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Transmission Prague postponed

This year United Music has been working on the brand-new Transmission Festival show which should premiere in Prague and later tour around the world. However, due to the global pandemic situation and the measures to prevent its spread, it is not possible to organize the event as you are used to.
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