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'Follow Me', a new mix compilation series by the IDMA-nominated Nifra

From the moment she fell in love with dance music as a teenager while living in her home country of Slovakia, Nifra has demonstrated with fierce determination the ability to succeed and change perceptions in a once male-dominated industry.
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Summerlake Outdoor Festival 2019

For the past 12 years the Summerlake Outdoor Festival has grown into one of the best closures of the Dutch festival season. The festival brings in an intimate setting, over 5,000 fans together who all want the best in dance music, community spirit and good life.
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ReOrder and Cassandra Grey collab 'Goodbye' out now!

Make no mistake, ReOrder (Tibor Tomecko) and singer Cassandra Grey knew exactly what they were doing when they got together to make ‘Goodbye’. Long-story-short, the track’s a vocal trance missile set to strike at all the right heartstrings!
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Armin van Buuren brings longest mainstage live set ever to UNTOLD festival

In and beyond the world of dance music, few connections are as strong as the one between Armin van Buuren and the crowd at UNTOLD Festival.
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