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Joint Operations Centre feat. Kate Miles - Behind The Silence

Any day we can bring you word of new undertaking from Joint Operations Centre has to be a good one, right?! It’s not something that happens so very often though. Amongst others aspects, John O’Callaghan’s alias enjoys the cachet of rarity - the better part of a year passing since ‘Pathological Effect’ made its presence felt.
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Solarstone & Thea Riley - I Want You Here

Unless you've been living out by the barred spiral galaxy of Cepheus, Solarstone's astonishing '..---' transmission won't have failed to have reached you. Lead single 'Thank You' turned up its frequency and now - as summer hits the fast lane - 'I Want You Here' increases the bandwidth.
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French DJ/producer releases debut single

French DJ and producer Yann Sella is set to release the first single from his debut EP ‘Existence’, featuring UK artist and producer MANCHESTER RAIN.
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Unterberg - Set U Free

Unterberg first appeared on Avanti with a tasty remix of Make You Feel by labelmanager Kris O'Neil, which - among other great achievements - managed to score a hattrick of features in Above & Beyond's Group Therapy radioshow.
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