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John 00 Fleming presents 'JOOF Editions Vol.5'

“A decision was made to shake things up. Once that was done, says John 00 Fleming, that change took on a life of its own”. The “it” JOOF refers to is ‘Editions’ - his rule-adverse compilation series, which is currently on the touchline, warming up for its fifth outing.
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Airwave talks about "20 Years Of Airwave"

Belgian based DJ / producer Laurent Véronnez is responsible for a massive amount of trance classics. During his career he released plenty of tracks under project names such as L-Vee, Planisphere, The Green Martian, Lolo, V-One and of course Airwave.
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Let's Talk, Myon!!

The Hungarian producer chats about his new mixcomp 'Tales From Another World'
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Liam Wilson & Corin Bayley - Heartbeats

The mighty Liam Wilson returns to In Trance We Trust in collaboration with Corin Bayley on "Heartbeats", a tune that is both smashing and moving. This has a whole lot to do with the stunning vocals, that are meticulously woven through the music. Gem!
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