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Solarstone pres. Pure Trance Radio 100 - Live from Amsterdam

100 weeks have passed since Solarstone started the new, weekly adventure of Pure Trance Radio. He has since put his listeners into a frenzy, with features like #WeLikeItPure, #ProgressiveSelection and of course the beloved #BigTune.
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Alex M.O.R.P.H. - It Is Full Of Stars, out now

Having engaged Skylex’s services for last month’s DJ Mag “8.5/10” scoring, “on fire” treatment of his & Eric Lumiere’s ‘Heart Of Life’, the one and only Alex M.O.R.P.H. gets straight back into the thick of it this July.
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Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella - From The Heavens: The Documentary

Ferry Corsten: “Telling a story through music is one thing. Telling a story through photos, video and a narrative is another. I'm very excited that I'm able to bring this documentary onto the stage and take my fans with me on a journey behind the scenes and through the process that is Gouryella”.
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4 Strings' artist album 'Sunset Aftermath' is out now

The long-awaited DJ 4 Strings artist album "Sunset Aftermath" captures all of their epic releases from the past two years - and it's out now.
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