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Lowland w/ MARiANNA - Infinite Loudness

With no small sense of drama the next standalone to come from Lowland’s ‘We’ve Been Here Before’ LP receives its singles call-up today. Its occasion has - for the first time - put Lowland’s Petri Alanko into the same orbit as singer (and fellow Finlander) MARiANNA.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd315 October 2018
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Craig Connelly - The Creator

In-studio, Craig Connelly’s been grappling with a big idea of late. It’s one whose seed began during production of his July club hit ‘The Universal’ and now goes atomic through ‘The Creator’.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd313 October 2018
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Unterberg & Kris O'Neil - Solemn

Label favourite and label manager meets for a Scandinavian throwdown, when Finnish Unterberg and Danish Kris O’Neil joins forces on “Solemn”; a bass-driven, summery piece of feel-good-melodic progressive dance music.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd311 October 2018
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The story behind Sash! with Sascha Lappessen

Twan van Loon from Muzikxpress recently interviewed Sascha Lappessen aka DJ Sash! Sash! is a project by German producers Sascha Lappessen, Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas Alisson. Sascha is the frontman of the group and he is also the one that travels around the world as a DJ.
Calendar e5ef892c200547dd5bbdaff8ded8a086cfcecdd8779114156648ed68eda3cfd3 9 October 2018