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JOOF Editions Vol. 2 mixed by John 00 Fleming

In April last year the first ‘JOOF Editions’ caused less a ripple, more a seismic swell to pass across the electronic music pond. It rubbished the standard mix-comp rubric and ported a DJ’s genuine in-club experience like few before it.

Calendar28 May 2015

AH.fm's 9 Years Anniversary Massive Celebration

Today AfterHours.fm kicked off the 9 Years Anniversary Massive Celebration with 86 hours straight of typical epic AH.fm music!

Calendar28 May 2015

Prism - Topaz finally released!

Ever listened to a Trance mix and heard that unknown tune which really stood out amongst all the other tracks in a set? The unforgettable rhythm, constantly on repeat in your jukebox memory.

Calendar26 May 2015

Chris Bekker - Animatic

With ‘Invader’, ‘Telling Tales’ and most recently ‘Zoundz’, both in solo and collaboration modes, Chris Bekker delivered some of last year’s most exciting (not to mention stylistically elusive) electronic music cuts.

Calendar21 May 2015