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Eco announced retirement as a DJ

A few weeks ago, Eco announced his retirement as a DJ and last Saturday he played his very last DJ set outside his hometown New York. As we didn't want to let this pass by without saying, here's what Eco said about it.
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Giuseppe Ottaviani & Kyler England - Firefly (Omnia Remix)

Oh you lucky, lucky people! We ask you, have you ever had it so good?! First came Giuseppe’s original album-wower, then, just the other week, his altitude-grabbing OnAir elevation stole the limelight. Now, to top it all off, here’s that man Omnia to explore yet more of ‘Firefly’s manifold remix possibilities!
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Aneesh Gera - Starchaser, out now through Avanti

One of India’s finest DJs & producers, Goa/London based Aneesh Gera, debuted last year on Avanti with the dark progressive houser Angel Dust, in collaboration with fellow Indian H3.
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Ciro Visone - Lane Departure

Ciro Visone's debut track on Blackout Trance Division. One of many to come. For now here is his new stunning uplifting trancer.
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