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Win: Oliver Englafjord - Myrki Heima

The by-chance brainchild of Sweden’s Marcus Schössow, ‘Myrki’s embryonic moment occurred in Iceland, a half decade ago. Blinking ‘Oliver Englafjord’ into existence, it was a trip for Schössow that went far beyond the bounds of the merely inspirational.
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In depth interview with Airwave

Through album, single and DJ set, not to mention a list of artist monikers as long as your arm, Laurent Véronnez has been a trance & progressive bastion for close to 20 years.
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Kuffdam & Plant - Dream Makers (Incl. Vince Aoun Remix)

With a liquid-cool progressive trance production tucked under one arm and a gift of a panpipe riff under the other, close to a decade ago ‘Dream Makers’ strode out of the blue sonic yonder. The men behind it were John Steven and Yiannis-Roberto Hadjicharalambous - far better know to fraternity-trance as Kuffdam & Plant.
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Win: Roger Shah - Magic Island Vol. 6

Over its lifetime, the Magic Island series has come to typify the antithesis of the phoned-in ‘Ibiza’ compilation, which crowd-out stores throughout summer. They’re a now 7-year and - as of today - 6-release endeavour on the behalf of their creator Roger Shah, to fold the spirit, aura & essence of the Balearic way into a compilation series.
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