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Public Domain

From Ayr, Scotland, UK. "Operation Blade" entered the UK national charts at Number Five and sold upwards of 250,000 copies with Platinum for sales in Australia.

Public Domain changed their line up in 2002 when Mallorca Lee and David Forbes continued with their solo projects.
Public Domain originally were James Allan, Mark Sherry and Alistair MacIsaac, that penned the hit "Operation Blade". After signing the track to Slinky it was decided they needed a frontman - enter Mallorca Lee with David Forbes; and both Mallorca and David contributed to the album "Hardhop Superstars".
After touring the album worldwide in 2001/2003, Mallorca and David continued with their solo projects, and in 2004 Alistair MacIsaac also left the band to concentrate on other projects. Enter Neil Skinner (MC Cyclone), a lifelong friend of all the guys and well-known for his skills with Dyewitness.

In 2009 Mark Sherry moved on to concentrate on his Solo projects.

The present lineup consists of James Allan and Neil Skinner.