Armin Only - Mirage returns!

Written by Remco on 30 July 2011 in Events
Armin Only - Mirage returns!

Armin fans, start booking your flights, tickets and hotel, the magnificent Armin Only – Mirage show returns on October 29th! After all the previous editions, Armin van Buuren and his crew strike down for the first and only time in the US, to give away another stunning 9 hour show at the Oak Canyon Park, Los Angeles.

Visitors can expect a mind-blowing concert, with artists like Susana, Christian Burns, Nadia Ali and Eller van Buuren rocking you till the very last beat has sounded. After a beautiful, summer season filled with highlights, Armin returns behind the Armin Only – Mirage decks, for 9 hours of pure energy, musical fury and memorable moments.

Be there and get your tickets while you still can! Check for more info.

Armin Only 2008 - ‘Imagine’

It’s been a while since ‘Imagine’ conquered both hearts and minds of Armin’s true fans all over the world. On a large stage in the middle of the crowd Armin played a nine-hour DJ set, accompanied by guest singers and artist friends such as Chris Jones, Jennifer Rene, Cathy Burton and Rank 1. The gigs in every city the ‘Imagine’ tour visited were fantastically successful. The events sold out way in advance and excited visitors experienced a joyful night on the dancefloor.

Memorable moments include when thousands of lit-up cellphones were lifted in the air, and numerous shots were taken with those same mobiles when an angel appeared high above the DJ booth during ‘Burned With Desire’. After the last record, satisfied crowds went home with just one question on their minds: ‘Is it possible to top this night?’

Armin Only - ‘Mirage’
Armin, 4 times winner of the prestigious DJ MAG Top 100 DJs poll, is a true perfectionist. Even though he’s been ranked amongst the world’s top-flight DJs for quite a few years now, this is no reason for him to rest on his laurels. There’s always room for improvement, and this is the attitude he demands from his crew as well. No wonder things at the office of Alda Events have been hectic lately, as the last preparations are made for the world tour of Armin Only - ‘Mirage’.

Armin: “To me ‘Mirage’ represents the feeling of euphoria I am filled with when I see the happiness of the crowd in front of me during my set. At that point I share my passion for music with everyone around me. When there is that special connection between all of us, it almost seems like a blanket of positive energy covering the crowd. I am fully aware of it and I live for that moment 200%. To me ‘Mirage’ is the perfect expression to capture that untouchable feeling which is so vividly present at the same time.”

Those moments of euphoria are about to happen again all over the world. After the success of ‘Imagine’, the demand for this tour could only increase. Already the ‘Mirage’ tour will be covering five continents and nearly twenty cities, all of which will be announced shortly.

It’s very clear. If you thought ‘Imagine’ was great, you definitely don’t want to miss ‘Mirage’!


Go Ventures Presents
The 14th Annual
Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Oak Canyon Park

Americas Largest Halloween Dance Music Festival…A Spooktacular Music Event Like No Other!

Tomb of Doom + House of Horror + Phantom Chamber + Devils Dungeon + Witches Woods

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