Guido Hermans - Against The Tide

Written by Remco on 25 May 2018 in Releases
Guido Hermans - Against The Tide
As a longtime dance music fan, trance and progressive mostly, Guido really enjoyed compilations like Magik, Northern Exposure, Forbidden Paradise, Boundaries Of Imagination and Trancemaster series in the past. Simple effective soulful dance music which takes you on a journey.

Nowadays there is glad-fully great (underground) modern-produced trance & progressive available on a few labels, but he noticed he always grabs back to his classics playlist from time to time for the (what they say) Golden Trance/Progressive Era, from 1996-2004.

Guido personally loves that spacey, atmospheric trancy sounds a lot, also dreamy textures, choirs and no extreme long breakdowns. You will find similar sounds on this album referring to that period mentioned above. So the last two years he dedicated himself to make an oldskool progressive and trance album and the result is here with 25 tracks on the (double) album 'Against The Tide'.

Guido tried to make a divers album with the sounds from the Golden Trance/Progressive Era, 1996-2004. On many labels oldskool progressive trance (and especially the sounds and style) is a bit forgotten and I hope this album will fill in this gap a little bit, sort of.

Fuzion Four Records CEO Aaron Waters gave Guido the opportunity to release this oldskool progressive and trance album 'Against The Tide'. "I really hope people will enjoy this album like I was enjoying making it", Guido Hermans says.

'Against The Tide' is out from the 26th of May 2018, grab a copy here.
Listen to 'Against The Tide' on Soundcloud here.

1 Guido Hermans - What Would Do Without Sound?
2 Guido Hermans - Once Upon A Time In Outer Space
3 Guido Hermans - Creepy Business
4 Guido Hermans - Until We Meet Again
5 Guido Hermans - Vicious Circles
6 Guido Hermans - Dream Your Dream
7 Guido Hermans - The Underground
8 Guido Hermans - In Your Face
9 Guido Hermans - Climb The Clouds
10 Guido Hermans - Slave To The Microwave
11 Guido Hermans - Vanished
12 Guido Hermans - Run With Wolves
13 Guido Hermans - When The Sun Will Shine
14 Guido Hermans - The Good The Bad And The Arpeggiator
15 Guido Hermans - Against The Tide
16 Guido Hermans - This Is Who We Are
17 Guido Hermans - Long Live Oldskool
18 Guido Hermans - The Stars
19 Guido Hermans - Fallen Soldiers
20 Guido Hermans - Hard Choices
21 Guido Hermans - The Plains Of Zama
22 Guido Hermans - The Fear Of The Unknown
23 Guido Hermans - When I Saw Her Smile
24 Guido Hermans - Rushed Lives
25 Guido Hermans - Destiny


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