Interview: Aly & Fila about FSOE celebrating 500th release

Written by Remco on 1 March 2021 in Interviews
Interview: Aly & Fila about FSOE celebrating 500th release
Launching one month ago, Future Sound Of Egypt Recordings celebrates 500 releases with 10 huge new remixes of some of the biggest tracks FSOE have released. TrancePodium's Michelle Christiansen sat down with them to have a chat about this massive milestone.

You're celebrating 500 releases on Future Sound of Egypt! What does that milestone mean to you?

It means a great deal to us, to have Five Hundred Releases of our record label Future Sound Of Egypt is great to see that the Record Label has grown and developed over the last eleven years, it is a great testament to everyone involved from our FSOE Team, the artists who have released on the label and Armada where the label was a sub label for several years from its birth.

Looking back on your 500 Future Sound Of Egypt releases, what are some of the most memorable releases and what made them stand out the most to you?

That is a very tough question as we have had so many great releases on there, our track feat. Jwaydan ‘We Control The Sunlight’ and our collaboration with Plumb 'Somebody Loves You' are possibly the two biggest tracks from ourselves on the label. There are so many others, 'The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra - Amber', 'Neptune Project - Aztec', 'ReOrder & Ian Standerwick pres. Sky Patrol - Folding Your Universe', 'RAM & Susana - RAMelia', 'James Dymond - Push' to name just a few.

What goes into the selection process for tracks being released on FSOE?

We have a demo section where artists send in there demos and we listen to each track that is sent and we then decide which ones we will release, there are so many great talents out there.

There have also been some huge remixes of some of the top tracks, like Billy Gillies remix of 'Million Voices'. How did you select these particular producers to remix those tracks?

Was very hard to be honest , wish we could of chosen 50 :) we narrowed it down to ten tracks and spoke to the artists who released the original tracks and decided with them who we would like to target to remix, there are several we have not announced yet.

Out of the 10 new remixes, what is one of your favorites and why?

We love them all :)

How do you think FSOE has progressed since the first release?

We would like to think over the years we have continued to release good quality music, good music is good music. The label releases more releases now than when we first started in 2009, 'Vast Vision feat. Fisher - Everything' was the first release on FSOE. We have two releases a week now and also now we have six record labels under the FSOE umbrella all in their own style; UV, Fables, Clandestine, Parallels, Chill as well as Future Sound Of Egypt, big thanks to our team and the A&R’s of each record label for their hard work, to the artists who release on the labels and to every artist who sends their demos in for consideration.

What can you tell us about what FSOE has in store for the future?

We have many exciting projects forthcoming on the record label that will be revealed in due course.

Thank you so much for your time and congratulations again on the 500th release of FSOE!

Big thanks to everyone for their continued support!


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