Interview: Sneijder

Written by Remco on 13 March 2021 in Interviews
Interview: Sneijder
Launching one month ago, Future Sound Of Egypt Recordings celebrates 500 releases with 10 huge new remixes of some of the biggest tracks FSOE have released. TrancePodium's Michelle Christiansen sat down with Sneijder to have a chat about his remix for this massive milestone.

Your remix of 'Beneath The Stars' by Paul Denton & Audrey Gallagher was recently released as part of Future Sound of Egypt's 500th release celebration! What does being a part of a major milestone such as this mean to you and how did the opportunity come about?

I’m actually good friends with both Fadi & Stuart, we have known each other and worked together for many years. I have the upmost respect for the guys and the label, so to be asked to be part of this release package was amazing. The Aly & Fila sound has been a big influence on me from the start, I love the energy that comes with their music and reflects onto the label.

What inspired you to remix this particular track?

The guys over at FSOE suggested this one to me, of course being a fan already of both Paul & Audrey I felt I could add something to the brilliant original.

What went into the making of this remix? Can you tell us a little bit about your creation process and how it was working with the amazing vocals of Audrey Gallagher?

I love working with vocals, some of my best work over the years have been vocal tracks and remixes in my opinion. If the vocal is on point the track sort of writes itself, this was the case with Audrey. As a young aspiring DJ in the late 90’s and early 00’s I really looked up to Agnelli & Nelson who’s sound was a big part of the super club era and had many hit records with Audrey, so to one day work on one of her vocals was a milestone for me personally.

What elements went into your remix that differ from the original?

I approached this remix differently than I usually work. My aim when doing remixes is to completely make it my own and something really different from the original. With this one I loved the original so much I just wanted to add some energy to it, more of a peak time club mix.

Is there something you hope people can take away from this remix or from your music in general?

With all my music I tend to put myself on the dance floor when making it, being a passionate clubber before music was my full time career that will always be where my heart is at. So I hope it does exactly that, transpires onto the dance floor and ticks all the emotional and energetic boxes that planned it to.

Who have been some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Loads tbh, I have been through so many genres over a 25 year DJ career, each time taking small pieces of a sound or a DJ that I liked while adding it to my own sound which has helped mould me as as DJ/Producer. The main stand out guys that inspired me in the early days where Pablo Gargano, Carl Cox, DJ Trix, Tizer, The Prodigy, Sasha and Tony de Vit. As the years went on and I discovered trance it was guys like Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Agnelli & Nelson, Aly & Fila, John O’Callaghan to name a few that pushed me into the sound I’m known for now.

What else can we expect from you in the near future?

I’m working on a special project to be announced soon, keep an eye out for that. I’m always busy with the day to day running of my Afterdark label, my next release is with good friend David Forbes titled ‘Accelerate’ on Afterdark. Lots of new material incoming, over the lockdown I’ve been very productive.

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! We look forward to seeing what your future has in store!

Thanks guys, hopefully I see you all on a dance floor very soon.


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