Interview with David van den Hurk from Allure

Written by Remco on 20 March 2012 in Interviews
Interview with David van den Hurk from Allure

David van den Hurk from Allure has done an interview about the project, the album and more music! Other artists involved in the Allure project are Involved in the project are Tijs Verwest (Tiësto) and Wouter & Sjoerd Janssen (Showtek).

There have been many questions about Allure since the release of the “Kiss from the Past" album, about the project, everyone involved. Can you tell us more about Allure?
Sure! Allure is a project in which several musicians are involved. The musical input comes by the hands of Tijs Verwest, Wouter and Sjoerd Janssen (aka Showtek) and myself. And yes, you can call me “the face in the front”, as I will be on DJ duties to spread the Allure sound around the globe. Next to that we work with fantastic vocalists from all over the world. Put love and passion for music in it, and you get Allure!

So, if I understand it correctly, the team behind the project has been given a certain shape, with you as the DJ traveling around the world, spreading the Allure music. How does the crowd respond to you in the DJ booth?
People are always curious about the “new face” of Allure, but as soon as I start my set they get Allured.. no really! So far, promoters passed me a lot of credits on the DJ sets and the crowd went bananas on every event which I played. I always try to have a lot of interaction with the crowd, which results in direct positive feedback. Which automatically creates goosebumps. And as the legendary Axwell once mentioned: “Goosebumps never lie”. For example: a few months ago I was in St. Petersburg and the party people over there were simply overwhelming enthusiastic. When you reach a climax together… that’s what makes those nights unforgettable.


The ”Kiss From The Past” album (released June 2011) is a big success. The vocalists that are on the album have given huge support to the project. Can you tell us how you experienced the creation and release of this album?
It is great to work with such talented people and I’m more than happy with the final product. The album got released in more than 30 countries, so all over the world the Allure sound has been spread. After the release I’ve been to so many great places and have met wonderful people. And we are just getting started! I feel blessed to be a part of this project.

Do you have a personal favorite track from the Kiss from the Past album?
That is a hard question! Sometimes a track of the album get’s a massive reaction on certain nights and you automatically label that track as the best one.  But if I really have to choose I would go for “Show Me The Way”, with the stunning Jes. The catchy tune in this track combined with the amazing voice of Jes made this track to a monster hit!

What was your favorite place to perform in 2011?
Another hard question, haha! To be honest: I enjoy every venue and crowd where I have played for, until now. But one of the biggest highlights must have been my debut at Privilege Ibiza for Tiësto’s “Club Life” Night. Together with Christian Burns, we nailed it that night at this legendary venue. The atmosphere was first-rate and the crowd was one of a kind. And it was a big honor that Tiësto included me on this epic night!

What kind of music?
It’s good to see that trance and house are finding each other more often nowadays. Together they blend into an awesome big room mixture, which rocks on the dance floors and gets those hands in the air! So my preference would simply be music that rocks 24/7!

Who has influenced you the most if you look back at your career?
In terms of music I have to say that Tiësto has been a major influence of course. To see what he has accomplished is ‘out of this world’! One of the biggest influences on the technical side of the DJ game for me, must be Laidback Luke. Luke really helped me out in het past, taught me the tricks and elements. They are both very avant-garde and always have stayed true to themselves. Two down to earth Dutch guys!

One thing the fans always like to know is "what is your favorite track at the moment"?
Tough one once again haha! My personal opinion is that there is a lot of big quality tracks being released lately. One of the ‘heavy-weight-supported’ tracks in my bag must be Marcel Woods - “Everything (1st Treatment)”, that bangs it out everywhere I go!

Do you also have an all-time favorite track in any genre?
A question you actually can’t ask a music lover. Haha! So much beauty has been created through the years. But again, if I have to make a decision, I would say George Morel with “Lets Groove”.

There have been some stunning releases from the “Kiss from the Past” album. Is there more coming up in 2012?
We are working on fresh music as we speak. Genuine pearls are rolling out of the studio and we also opened a vocal contest on our Facebook. We want to trigger vocalists for this project to get involved and we will record a new track with the best entry.

Anything more?
Yeah, next to the new music that is coming up, some great gigs are lined up! Last year I signed up with 2-Dutch Agency for management & bookings and this year I also signed up with world’s biggest bookings agency AM Only, with names on their roster like Tiësto, David Guetta, Above and Beyond and Dada life, to put more focus on the North- and South American market. So let’s hope I meet up with the Allure fans over there soon!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
One of my biggest hobbies has to be poker! And next to that I have to admit that I am a FIFA addict!

Is there anything else you would like to share with us before we wrap it up?
Keep an eye on the Allure Facebook and the Allure Twitter, as there is a lot of news coming up.

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