Jase Thirlwall interview

Written by Remco on 14 November 2016 in Interviews
Jase Thirlwall interview
Making her debut as an interviewer on TrancePodium, Genie had a chat with Jase Thirlwall about the official video for his remix of Armin’s 'Strong Ones', his collab with Will Atkinson earlier this year and much more.

To start with, how have your musical viewpoint and ideologies changed over time? Are certain aspects of music more important to you now than they were 6 years ago?

I think as time goes you become more knowledgeable and your musical taste matures more, but on a whole I think if anything I've become a little more fussy towards certain aspects, but I still maintain a broad horizon across all genres, whether it be house, techno or trance, I still spend a lot of my time weekly sifting through either promos, Beatport & YouTube for new music, sounds & inspiration! 

I have just seen the official video for your remix of Armin’s Strong ones; I must say that it is such a great video! Are there any remixes in the way that we should look out for soon?

Haha yes it was great video, and by far my biggest achievement to date, I can clearly remember the morning the remix request landed in my email inbox, I had to check it about ten times, so surreal to be asked by Armin personally! Remix wise not just yet I've been concentrating on originals for the remainder of 2016, I have nearly three originals to let loose over coming shows! 

Where do you find your inspiration for music and who are your biggest musical influences?

Inspirational influences I guess come from old and new, I tend to play a lot of older "forgotten" tracks in my sets and I also take on board newer current production techniques! I love the tech trance sound from 2006 era; I try and incorporate this sound into my music! Musically my biggest influences are Sasha, Askew, Will Atkinson, Mauro Picotto, I could go on for ages but I think all these guys are so far ahead of their game!   

What is your favorite track of all time?

I'll pick two because I'm greedy

Oxia - Domino
Will Atkinson - Numb The pain 

What are currently your main challenges as a producer?

I'd like to keep learning more, there's always more to get, new techniques to learn, new tools to master new sounds to make and play with! 

I would like to ask you about your collaboration with Will Atkinson back in July- Squelcher. What inspired the track and name of the track?

Haha. I love working with Will, crazy talent, Emm Tough one but I'm sure we came up with the name from the crazy squelch noise we used at the first break in the track, one of these track titles that's initially quite strange but once you listen to the track it all makes sense, well kinda! One of these names that stuck though! I'm pretty sure I came up with it and Will turned and looked at me in a real strange and worrying way haha but it worked, I guess!

If you could play at any festival or show in the world, what would it be?

I would LOVE to play the slam tent at Scotland's T In The Park festival, I've raved in that tent to the worlds best techno acts for the last 15 years, it would be an absolute honour to grace that stage! 

Fuck it; can I throw in Creamfields as well? Lol.

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

Hmmm, I take into consideration the audience I'm playing too, I'll then make a substantial folder with music I think will be fitting for the crowd, country, club I'm playing! I'll always try to read the crowd and build my set accordingly! 

Are there any plans to make your sound more experimental?

I think just now between the uplifting tracks and the tech trance tracks I bring out I am quite experimental, as I said above I take a lot of influence from a variety or genres and try to bring something fresh to the table, try to make sounds that haven't been done before, and yes I'll continue to do so!  I'd really like to make a full on techno track, like the older techno though a higher BPM face melter type track haha! 

What's your musical guilty pleasure?

Hmm tough one, I listen to a lot of acoustic solo stuff, I also listen to a lot of Hans Zimmer and vocalists like Lisa Gerrard, I don't mind a bit of Elton John too but don't tell anyone that! It's our wee secret!

Which is your preferred social media platform when connecting with fans?

Facebook mainly but I enjoy and have a good following on Instagram & Twitter, I always try and put an hour aside every day to communicate with those who support me, it's them who got me where I am! 

Do you have any tips for aspiring producers?

Don't give up, it's a long slog, frustrating and lots to take in, be experimental but at the same time produce what you want to produce not what others want to hear, be YOURSELF! Use the help that's available to get the level you need to be at! 

Lastly, in a sentence, can you tell us what we can expect from your upcoming WinterParty2016 set 

This is a huge opportunity for me and on a massive stage…I will be releasing absolute hell fire, goodnight Deirdre!


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