New from VANDIT Records: Future Antics - Lunar

Written by Remco on 13 March 2015 in Releases
New from VANDIT Records: Future Antics - Lunar

Matt ‘Future Antics’ Samuels has sent more than a few ripples across the trance pond of late. His ‘Dark Angel’ track for Monster Force steamrolled dance floors in November around the same time as his rework of Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Open Your Eyes’ was delighting the listeners of A State Of Trance. 

Future Antics’ future antics are shaping up to be just as substantial in 2015, but Matt’s antics-present are all about ‘Lunar’! With it, the young up-and-comer from Southampton has produced a track that splits the euphoric trance atom clean in two.

Max-wattage power meets celestial atmosphere - this one’s going right the way to the moon!    

The track’s mounted on a production chassis that grips club floors with ease, and down at the business end, has no trouble holding it’s peak-of-the-night own. Gravity rebelling riffs, luminescent drops, plucked string catchiness and all-round laser-lit appeal - its all present and correct on ‘Lunar’!

Champed by DJ Mag of late, the electronic music bible hailed the track as “superbly arranged” and said it “sports a riff that first nags, then hooks and then finally sinks its teeth in!”

Grab your copy of ‘Lunar’ from today! 

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Listen to ‘Lunar’ through VANDIT’s SoundCloud here: 

1 Future Antics - Lunar
2 Future Antics - Lunar (Radio Edit)

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