Review: Casey Rasch & Andrés Sanchez – Transatlantic

Written by Remco on 4 October 2017 in Reviews
Review: Casey Rasch & Andrés Sanchez – Transatlantic
The Casey Rasch and Andrés Sanchez team-up we needed.

By Adarsh Shah.

The name says it all. A new release is around the corner on Menno de Jong’s In Trance We Trust label; and the hype for October is now even higher. Casey Rasch and Andrés Sanchez finally team up for a high energy, uplifting collaboration, that is aptly named ‘Transatlantic’.

Designed to take you across the stormy, high sea, the track is a powerful combination of hard hitting beats, elements of techno, and a dark, uplifting melody that is sure to get all listeners hooked. In a mix of both of their styles, ‘Transatlantic’ offers smashing drops and electrifying build-ups, just what the trance fans are hungry for.

No stranger to the trance scene, Andrés Sanchez has tracks like ‘Teardrops’ and ‘Sands of Time’ to his name. And with the amount of talent Casey Rasch brings to the table, this track is sure to burst onto the scene like no other.

‘Transatlantic’ is out now. Expect the dance floor to break whenever this one hits!

You can listen to the preview on Soundcloud here.
'Transatlantic is now available for download here.


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