The story behind 'Castamara' with Jonas Steur

Written by Remco on 22 June 2020 in Interviews
The story behind 'Castamara' with Jonas Steur
Jonas Steur is a Belgium based DJ and producer. He’s known for trance tracks such as “Tales From The South”, “Travels”, “Red Shores” and “Flow”, which all came out under his alias Estuera. But he also produced several tracks under his own name Jonas Steur.

Trance fans will most likely remember his collaboration with singer / songwriter Jennifer Rene, “Fall To Pieces” from the year 2007. But the very first time Jonas released a track under his own name, was 2 years before, in 2005. He was the very first producer to release on Intuition Recordings, which was a brand new label at that time, founded by Menno de Jong and Paul Moelands (a.k.a. Re:Locate). The vinyl release was a double A side, with the tracks “Castamara” and “Silent Waves”.

Because of the 15th anniversary of "Castamara" and "Silent Waves", Twan from Muzikxpress sat down with Jonas in his studio, to ask him about the story behind both tracks and more!

Watch the interview here:

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