The story behind 'Drax - Amphetamine' with Thomas P. Heckmann

Written by Remco on 28 December 2020 in Interviews
The story behind 'Drax - Amphetamine' with Thomas P. Heckmann
Thomas P. Heckmann is a DJ and producer from Mainz in Germany. He's the founder of the label Trope Recordings and he's also responsible for acts such as Exit 100, Knarz, Silent Breed, Electro Nation, Age and of course Drax.

Under that name he released the track 'Amphetamine', back in the year 1994. It became a huge succes in the club scene and it even made it to the number 20 position in the French charts. 'Amphetamine' is one of the most well known techno classics ever and these days the track is still played all over the world. During the years it got re-released several times with remixes from the likes of Umek, Red Jerry, Mike Ink, DJ Misjah & Groovehead, Baby Doc and lots of others.

On a sunny September day, Twan from Muzikxpress met up with Thomas in Mainz, to ask him about the story behind 'Amphetamine', his future plans and more!

Watch the interview here:

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