Top Trance tracks inspired by Pop classics

Written by Remco on 24 April 2020 in News
Top Trance tracks inspired by Pop classics
Trance music draws inspiration from a number of areas, with a remix said to be at the origins of the genre.

All Music states that many credit Paul van Dyk's 1993 Humate's ‘Love Stimulation’ remix with starting off the trance music movement, but since then many standalone classics have gone on to define trance. With rising pianos and beats that build slowly, it generates anticipation before the crescendo, playing and teasing the crowd in a way only those who love it can understand.

Trance remixes live at the heart of the live scene, with DJ’s delighting in dropping the odd mainstream classic to a trance beat, playing on familiarity and mixing it with the trance vibe. We’ve found some of the very best trance tracks that draw inspiration and samples from some well-known classics.

The Killers – Mr Brightside (Lu Cont Thin White Duke Remix)

This Killers classic already delights fans when it is dropped in a club, but adding a twist of trance turns it into a genuine floor-filler. With a catchy chorus to hook into and verses that fit perfectly with a rising trance beat, this remix is one all trance fans should be aware of.

The Killers managed to transcend genres, with Mr Brightside and their debut hit 'Somebody Told Me’ both drawing on dance beats but in a rock environment.

Coldplay – Viva la Vida (Bizzare Contact Remix)

Coldplay have been accused of being dreary by many, even being turned down by David Bowie for a collaboration, but Viva la Vida looked to lift that preconception as part of a more upbeat sound. Chris Martin might have started out with good intentions, but this remix adds the trance flavor to make this an essential on your party playlist. It might start out faithful to the original, but soon a deep beat takes over and turns this into a classic trance remix.

ABBA – Dancing Queen (Shana Vanguarde)

ABBA are pop royalty, with the Swedish quartet spawning films, covers and more from their repertoire of catchy hits, and ‘Dancing Queen’ remains an iconic song that is recognized globally. While fans may know the song’s lyrics they may be unfamiliar with its history, with Gala Bingo explaining that ABBA were a favorite of the Queen Mother in England, with the song ‘Dancing Queen’ rumored to have been written for her. That may well be the case, but we can’t see Buckingham Palace dropping Shana Vanguarde’s upbeat reinvention of the tune around the corridors anytime soon.

Vanguarde is a French vocalist known for her ABBA remixes and this track stays true to the original, dropping the vocals over a trance / house fusion that doubtless would delight revelers deep into a set in a club.

Oasis – Wonderwall (Myon & Shane 54 Helpless Remix)

Oasis have a typical sound, their tracks born out of a love for bands such as the Beatles and other working-class influences in the north of England. Taking that and putting it into a trance song was never going to be easy, but this Myon and Shane 54 Helpless remix certainly reimagines the Britpop classic.

This remix came to prominence after being dropped at the Ministry of Sound in London back in 2010, but it has survived the decade without sounding dated or tired.

For further reading on trance pioneer Paul van Dyk, check out our piece on his recent collaboration with Kinetica.


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