Green Octopus - Seychelles

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Green Octopus - Seychelles -
11 May 2009, at 12:07
Started on a new project this morning. I finally want to try my hand at producing something along the lines of uplifting tech-trance, a challenge I feel is vastly different from strictly doing uplifting, anthem type trance.

The name of the track is Seychelles, inspired by a random dream I had back in January or February when my brother said, as we looked the east, beyond a lagoon that was split by two immensely tall tropical jungles, there was the Indian Ocean. I don't have a clue what the meaning behind it was, but for months I was looking up pictures of exotic Pacific islands or islands in the Indian Ocean, and I've been trying to put this idea into a track.

I know, it's very unmixable right now with the huge snare roll and break only a minute in. A lot of elements are not at their best, but it gets the concept across.

Link: #url-removed
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