175 hours long radio show

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175 hours long radio show -
29 August 2007, at 19:58
Two weeks ago you probably never heard of Johnny Walker. But last week when the Greensboro native challenged the world record for the longest radio broadcast, a lot of people started listening.

After approaching Jack Bonney, general manager of UNCG's WUAG (103.1 FM), in March with the idea of breaking the record, Walker's journey finally began at 6 a.m. Aug. 6 in WUAG's studio. It started small with local calls from listeners and local coverage from the media. But soon he received calls and e-mail from all around North Carolina and, by the end of his quest, from almost every continent.

Walker was determined to break the record. Not only did he go for it, but he decided to surpass the record by two full days -- a total of 175 hours of radio broadcasting from a rather small, windowless room, where Walker sat in a chair with little or no sleep, hoping his voice wouldn't die.

He never seemed to hit a wall or get to a point where anyone doubted he could do it, but even Walker admits, "At times I was concerned."