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The music scene while being a highly competitive and volatile market retains its loyal fan-base for genuine, timeless genres. Trance in its many rich streams is one such classification which is enjoyed enduring global support, bringing people together across all cultures. As part of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), some of its early origins date back to the 1990s in Germany, just after the seismic dissembling of the Berlin Wall, unification and new world order. Take a quick online search, type "Trance Music" or similar. You will trigger basic definitions and many variations of this style – but no real insight on how to experience the true sound of a universal phenomenon that captivated generations of devotees, and still holds them captive.

Trance is more than electronic composition. It is the sensations created by the hypnotic sounds and rhythms that take you to another level of elation and heightened appreciation. Mysterious beats erupt from speakers, melodies exude warm and cold tempo, moods oscillate with textures and harmonics, all demonstrate the sophistication and intensity of an authentic trance production.

Enter REBOOTED – an exciting, global trance initiative which will break through the barriers of pre-formed ideas and orchestrated by Trance's "Pied-Piper" and Gatecrasher pioneer, Scott Bond. This aficionado has 20+ years of industry expertise spanning djing, promoting and producing, on top of a celebrated catalogue of highly successful trance music compilations. His passion and commitment is evident when asked to describe REBOOTED as a strategy:

"REBOOTED is the act of starting over and rediscovery with the ultimate goal to surpass all perceived benchmarks or expectations. Founding a label is a central part of the plan. Our mission is the pursuit of consistently high standards by showcasing original artist material and content. I may not clear 200 tracks a year because my priority is total quality above quantity. The offering will be positioned at the forefront of dance music culture and set clear, defined targets of where trance, as a genre is at now and where it wants to be. In other words, it’s a brand for a track, a remix, an album, an event and a record label - but also a direction that we can all choose to follow. I want to sign whatever packs and erupts the dance-floor".

REBOOTED represents both the current scene and each label release. These singles will undergo a rigorous process of quality arrangement, from mapping the sound structures to breaking down the finer, intricate details in order to assure and preserve the integrity of those immutable Trance values.

As Scott Bond affirms:

"I want trance fans to anticipate every release. It is important that they know when we are putting out a track and that it will be sensational! I want them to put their trust in REBOOTED".