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Christian Burns - Fire + Ice

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 1 March 2019
Following up his 2018 ‘You’re Not Alone’ single, Christian Burns returns to deliver us some ‘Fire + Ice’. Touching new levels of soul and sear, the Grammy nominated singer/songwriter’s latest is another lyrical high-wire act that innately balances the ‘bitter’ and the ‘sweet’. With an original version that’s got both eyes on the airwaves and a distinctly clubbier rub from Yang, ‘Fire + Ice’ has all bases covered.

Echoing its title, Christian’s Original is a judicious equalization of elegantly written, heart-on-sleeve verses and a serotonin homing, total crowd-lifter of a chorus. With an elegantly laidback percs & pad intro, post-break its production succumbs, irresistibly to infectious full-beam synth radiance.

Having worked on material for many a notable trance imprint (FSOE, AVA, Amsterdam Trance and Create among them), Yang knows exactly how to make ‘Fire + Ice’ tick in-club. As one hand drops the bass frequencies, the other quickens its tempo pulse, before the stylistic needle swings fully over into cruising trance-progressive. Hovering its intro harmonies to stunning effect in the background, he builds its atmosphere brilliantly, before finally letting Christian’s song reign in the break.