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David Forbes - Riptide

Release Date
52 x50 VANDIT Records 19 October 2015
A man never short of a dramatic title or two, after last month’s ‘Collider’, here’s David Forbes with another zero-nonsense floor-connector in the form of ‘Riptide!

With it’s tornado-class tempo, rivet-tough drums & percussion lines, and bleepily engaging sub-riff, ‘Riptide’ touches down on the floor with intent!

At its midpoint David opens the track up Grand Canyon wide, serving it with a harmonically pad & chord soaked drop, which break-side feeds off into radiant synth shafts and crowd inflaming shouts.

Cocked, locked and more than ready to rock, he re-engages the drums, lowers the LFO and pushes it on to critical mass! A sure-fire post-summer blues-beater, ‘Riptide’ drops large on Oct 19th