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Genix - Lux

Release Date
52 x50 VANDIT Records 27 October 2014
It’s now probably safe to say… ‘How good a 12 months is Genix having!!?’ For VANDIT Records alone that’s meant a fierce rulin’ rework of Orla Feeney’s ‘This Moment’; the almost indecently large ‘All Good Things EP’ and two highly celebrated, DJ-champed co-ops with the Las Salinas boys.

‘Say Another What’ bagged a DJ Mag Money Shot and in a major trance article last month, the magazine cited him as the one of the six key players in the genre’s future. The man behind the UK’s legendary Passion club is hotter than ever… and now he’s back with more.

‘Lux’ again finds Damion Houchen inimitably blending, bending, twisting and warping those track catalysers into another of his leitmotif ‘alt-trance’ visions.

Precision produced, Genix again ensures that every last sonic pixel of ‘Lux’ fair cannons crystal clear out of the speaker stacks. He skilfully balances thunderdome drumatics, sonorously effective techier-trance midrange, vocal whoops and hyper-phased FX swoops with judicious shafts of contrasting melodica in the drop.

“Nothing will quite prepare you for the overt uplift that’s a minute around the corner” warns DJ Mag in their 8/10 November issue review, and quite simply it won’t!