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Lyonheart – Amelia

Release Date
3 x50 Black Hole Recordings 20 November 2015
This autumn, Black Hole Recordings introduces a new vocal name to the electronic music domain. The man behind the Lyonheart mask is by no means though a singing/songwriting tenderfoot. Over the last half-decade or so, he’s notched up club hits alongside the likes of (hey, hint!) BT, Oakenfold, Chicane, MYNC & others. However, with ‘Amelia’, his lead-out single (and into 2016, a full artist album), he’s ushering in a new sound, feel and era to his music.

Holland’s label-finest are blazing Lyonheart’s trail with a run of remixes that take the radio-oriented Original and repoint it in the direction of club floors.

Leading the mix-charge is AVA & GO Recordings young-gun Somna... He wastes no time in putting march into the drums, intensifying the LFO, hooking the floor in with some serious distortion and – drop-side – electrifying through his piano lines.

Seeding the intro of his mix with a more melodic feel, one of the principal breakthrough trance names of 2015 drops his take on ‘Amelia’. Louis ‘LTN’ Tan spins the harmonies far & wide and, with escalating synth ascension, matching ‘Amelia’s vocal tone note-for-note.

Black Hole’s third attending remixer takes a cooler, more chilled approach to the track, as regular Roger Shah production cohort Brian Laruso shuffles in the timbale percussion, to deliver a dusk-tinged version. Giving the vocal more of a lamenting, summer-ending wistfulness, it perfectly compliments the feel of Lyonheart’s radio-friendly Original.