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Rolo Green & Kolonie - Deeper (Kris O'Neil & Flynthe Remix)

Release Date
3126 x50 Avanti 29 April 2019
If we were ever to set an Avanti all-star team, picking the artists from one of their best performing releases and give it the remix treatment by one of their busiest producers in collaboration with the labelmanager would probably be a pretty good place to start - and they did just that! Rolo Green & Kolonie’s 2018 groover “Deeper” sees a 2019 remix by Flynthe & Kris O’Neil, turning up the dirty-disco-knob a few nudges, while still paying great respect to the original. This one has gotten quite a few feet tapping at the Avanti HQ, and there’s a fair chance yours will as well!